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Youth for Western Civilization at University of Idaho Celebrates Straight Pride

By Alexander Rowson | YWC at University of Idaho is proudly continuing the tradition of Straight Pride November.

The bureaucrats of administration have randomly selected October to be ‘LGBQTGLBBQGLB History Month’, or something like that (even the school newspaper gets confused).

Last year, YWC at Washington State University, in cooperation with the College Republicans, decided to even the playing field for those of the heterosexual persuasion by declaring November to be ‘Straight Pride Month’. Many high-quality T-shirts with the Straight Pride logo were printed and sold:

Straight Pride

Of course, despite this being a completely positive message, bypassing any moral judgement of homosexuality, YWC was declared to be ‘homophobic’, ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’, etc. In the end, as usual, it turned out to be an excellent publicity event for YWC as the leftists were shown to be the anti-majority bigots they really are.

We at University of Idaho have decided to continue the tradition started by our WSU branch, and hope that other campuses will follow! The past Friday, we set up our table and spread our message, as well as selling our T-shirts for the bargain price of $5.00. Several were sold and many congratulated our message, however there was the usual crowd of confused leftists claiming that our message was homophobic, pointless, ‘divisive’, intolerant, and all the same tired insults that were used at WSU last year. Nonetheless, the discussion created was enlightening and enjoyable. We were also helped by members of our WSU branch.

Our event was such a success that we will be holding a sale every week of November until Thanksgiving break! For U Idaho students: our next sale will be Friday, from 12:30 to 4:30 PM, in the food court area of the Commons. Hope to see you there, whether in support or opposition.

Alexander Rowson is an engineering student living in northern Idaho.

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