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WVLT Tennessee Interviews Merlin Miller


A Sevier County man in running for President of the United States and on the ballot in several states including Tennessee.

Merlin Miller, American 3rd Position Party candidate for President, lives in Sevier County and was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY and served in the U.S. Army, where he commanded two units.

Miller has written a book called “Our Vision for America” and says that Republicans and Democrats are too alike and his party is the new different alternative. He says the main parties are controlled by corporate and financial interests and therefore they do not represent the average American citizen.

“I believe that if Republicans and Democrats truly represented the American people they’d stand behind our constitution. They do those things to make this country great and big, and they’re just not doing that. So we’re standing up to get these issues in the public forum,” said Miller.

Miller says he realizes that he won’t win the election, but right now the campaign is about his party’s message for America.

Some of his plans include abolishing the federal income tax, ending all immigration from the Third World, and having no gun control legislation. [Source: Local8 News]

Merlin Miller, WVLT Knoxville, TN

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  1. ProNorden says:

    One of the more basic things for the A3P Party to get done is to change the lead sentence on their Wikipedia entry/listing to the world. It currently (and presumably for the the duration of the campaign so far) reads that the party is for "white supremacy".

    So far as I know this is inaccurate. Favoring White Nationalism or Separatism is very different , almost opposite. Could someone on A3P Staff please correct the Wikipedia profile ?


    • American3P says:

      We have tried to update that inaccuracy for over a year. The Wiki editors apparently are influenced by the SPLC and their ilk. If one tries to edit the page one finds a statement that says " [[white supremacy]].<!– DO NOT change to "White Nationalism"! Ever! –> ". And the page is semi-protected to prevent changes except by authorized users. How's that for a slur?

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