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Woodrow Wilson

Preface: The following is an essay I wrote fully out of inspiration and wanting to contribute to this section of the forum. It is my first attempt at writing a long essay to discuss several ideas and facts about who Woodrow Wilson is. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Sources will be at the bottom to learn more if you want to do more research. This could be considered both education and an opinion piece as well.

Viewing American history through the eyes of a Southern and White advocate can be both rewarding and cruel. When I have studied various American Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, and Governors, I always view their accomplishment through the question of “How did this individual protect and preserve the rights and the heritage of European-Americans?”

Several Presidents have done far better than others. If you were to ask me which President I think higher of between Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, the answer is obvious. Andrew Jackson because he spoke in defense of the White working class men of the South against Yankee elitist tyranny while Lincoln gave that elite class supremacy over the nation. There is one President however that struck a chord with me ever since I first learned about him. That President is Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson

Both from his policies and his views on race ignite a strong passion within someone like me or an advocate on behalf of racial equality. In fact, I have seen the movie Birth of A Nation that Wilson screened at the White House. When I was visiting my family in Columbia, South Carolina, my grandmother took me to visit his boyhood home and get a glimpse into what it was like to be the young man growing up in a Reconstruction Era South whose population was abused by the Radical Republican Yankee swine.

When I learned about the disenfranchisement of White Southerners by the Yankees including but not limited: to denying voting rights, their citizenship back after the war, Yankee soldiers raping Southern women, arming the former slaves with guns to commit terror, punishing former Confederate leaders, trying to give the former slaves rights they don’t deserve since they were never designed to be citizens, illegally adding the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, having Northerners control Southern governments, the tragedy of blacks being elected to the Republican senate and governorships, violating legal precedents that go back to the Magna Carta such as trial by jury, freedom from being imprisoned unjustly. These abuses made me quite disturbed and outraged by the injustice enacted towards the Southern people. Woodrow Wilson grew up during this period and got to experience firsthand the hardships the Southern people faced and it heavily would influence his political career.

President Wilson was born Thomas Woodrow Wilson on December 28th, 1856 to Joseph Ruggles Wilson and Jesse Janet Woodrow. His father was born into a Scotch-Irish family from Ohio while his mother was born in the United Kingdom to an Anglo-Scottish family. Joseph was a Presbyterian Minister who left the mainstream Presbyterian Church which split over the Northern and Southern factions. Joseph and his family settled in Virginia and the further South he traveled, the more he became aware that the South was on the right side of history. He understood that the Southern people were being unfairly treated by the North that imposed high tariffs and opposed States Rights.

One of Woodrow Wilson’s earliest memories was learning about Lincoln’s election, hearing the country was going to war with itself, from a town crier. During his childhood, his parents turned their Church into a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers and fully became ardent supporters of the Confederacy.

After the South lost the War of Northern Aggression, Wilson started to attend school and followed in his father’s footsteps by being an active member of the Church. As a young man, Wilson was a devout Christian, minister in his father’s church, and played sports. He took the bar exam and started to practice law in Georgia. However, he hated it so he decided to pursue Political Science and History.

Wilson wrote his dissertation titled Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics while at Johns Hopkins University in 1883. Even though Wilson only wrote this in college, to really understand his politics, reading this essay gives historians and lovers of history insight into his political opinions. Wilson made claims which clearly illustrate his frustrations with the failures of American government such as “It is getting to be harder to run a constitution than to frame one.” He despised the limited government approach that classical liberals used when running the government because while he championed states rights, he believed the government had to run the economy and create programs to progress society.

Woodrow Wilson john hopkins university

Wilson taught subjects such as Greco-Roman history, American History, Political Science at Bryn Mawr college from 1885 until 1888. During his time, he would often ask students to “look into ancient times as if they were our own times.” He would also anger Yankee historians because he preached and gave a voice to “Lost Cause Revisionism.”

That is a term invented by the Yankees as a slur to attack Southern Whites who dare to speak the truth about the War of Northern Aggression and those who work to expose the fact that the South didn’t want slavery because it was bad on economic grounds and was a greater harm to European-Americans than the slaves themselves who actually benefitted from being here as opposed to being in Africa.

In 1890, he became elected by the board of trustees to become the President of Princeton University which was his alma mater. Former President Grover Cleveland helped get Wilson to get the position. While he was President, he enacted several reforms to the university to improve student life, worked to get fundraising for the school, and successfully upheld racial quotas to keep non-Whites out of the university. Many of the board members hated him for ruffling the feathers and causing division so they happily supported him running for governor to get him out of the university.

Woodrow Wilson Princeton

Wilson then decided to run for governor of New Jersey on his reformist ideals and won the office with 53.9% of the vote. He ran as a Democrat because back in those days, the Democratic party represented the interests of White Southerners as opposed to every less developed and bothersome minority group that exists today.

As governor, he now had a chance to enact reformist ideology. He did root out some of the corruption with political bosses and frightened the big business types by enacting policies to hold them accountable for going after the working man.

In 1912, Wilson decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for the Democratic Nomination. He fell behind Champ Clark in the primary but due to the endorsement of Democrat Populist William Jennings Bryan, he clinched the nomination on the 46th ballot. In the election, he ran against the split Republican opposition of President William Howard Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt who ran under the Bull Moose Party to defeat Taft. Wilson won the election with 435 electoral votes and only 41.8% of the popular vote. Had the opposition not been divided, Wilson would have only won the states in the former Confederacy along with Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland. He only won the election on a fluke and became the 28th President of the United States.

Bull Moose Election

There is an old legend that Confederate soldiers still alive danced in the streets celebrating with a good ole Rebel Yell, Wilson getting elected. He was the first White Southern Democrat to be elected since James K. Polk back in 1844.

Now that he was President, Wilson was able to enact his ideology which was a mix of historical reverence with a heavy Southern slant, Christianity led efforts in the culture war, American Nationalism, Reformism, and Progressivism. He was also going to champion a “new liberty” which he had campaigned heavily for which was an expansion of the government to extend the rights of the citizenry.

He established the Federal Reserve which replaced the Central Bank with the goal of stopping future economic turmoil. He established the Federal Trade Commission which proposed the Clayton Act which was an antitrust law. Another one of Wilson’s acts despised by the liberals was segregating the federal workforce based on his racial views and desire to preserve White integrity.

Republicans who were “the party of the negro” at the time protested these measures. Wilson clearly stated that by enforcing segregation, both White and black races would be able to reap the fruits of liberty and thrive in their own environments since the majority of both races supported being segregated.

The highlight of his Presidency on racial issues would be screening The Birth of a Nation which quoted his writings. In the film, it shows three main ideas. First, it shows that the South was right to leave the Union because it was over tariffs, Northern abuse of states’ rights, and the fact that Lincoln was an anti-Southern bigot. Secondly, it shows the clear dysfunction of the Republican Reconstructed South with freed slaves doing activities such as harming and raping the White Women along with Republicans failing to successfully govern the Southern states. Finally and most important, the film also highlights the bravery of the Ku Klux Klan who assembled to save White Southern Civilization from the race traitors and degenerates who defiled it.

DW Griffith

Woodrow Wilson was regarded as a great historian and in his series A History of the American People wrote “Adventurers swarmed out of the North, as much the enemies of one race as of the other, to cozen, beguile and use the negroes. The white men were aroused by a mere instinct of self-preservation until at last there sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.” Several quotes like this are displayed in the film because they accurately portray the historical Ku Klux Klan for what they really were, vigilantes concerned with their native home being terrorized by change enforced by radical liberal Republicans. They rode on horses with White hoods to protect and serve the glorious Southern Country! Every last Republican was shut out of any society and it was considered criminal to associate with such a vile party which harmed and ultimately led to the demise of the White South.

After the Klan saved the South, it was disbanded and several Republicans created laws like the Third Enforcement Act to quell efforts of rebellion. But now, many Americans saw the film and became inspired by the brave men who were equivalent to mythological gods to take up the cause and save White America from alien races. It was all thanks to Woodrow Wilson who said after screening the film “It is like writing history with lightning. And my only regret is that it is all so terribly true.”

Wilson would end up winning re-election narrowly against Supreme Court Justice Charles Evens Hughes with 277 electoral votes and 49.2% of the popular vote. He won over 200 counties that never voted Democrat in a two party contest and became the first Democrat to win re-election since Andrew Jackson. His vice President Thomas Marshall helped Wilson by campaigning for him in the Midwest and the West Coast which helped secure his victory. Wilson ran on the promise to not get the United States into the first World War with slogans such as “He kept us out of war” and “America First” which were designed to convince voters that if they vote for Wilson, there will be no U.S. entry into the conflict.

1916 Electoral Map

He sadly was unable to keep that promise because the Zimmerman Telegram which could have been staged by the British convinced America to go to war against Germany. America joined The Allies and after they defeated the Central Powers quickly in 1918. Wilson also angered ardent free speech supporters by signing the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918.

After the End of World War One, Wilson went to Versailles for peace negotiations. Wilson also had to deal with the angry and disgruntled feminists who were successful in destroying the country by allowing women to vote. The 19th Amendment gave them the right to vote in all fifty states further cheapening the electorate which was only intended for White men. Wilson was rightfully repulsed by the personalities of these suffragists more than the message because many were hateful of America and not very ladylike.

To give a short summary, Wilson made sure the United States never signed that disastrous treaty which punished the German people unfairly. This was a smart move because Wilson knew that someone like Hitler could come along and he didn’t want America caught up in the mess. Even Hitler himself never blamed America because he knew that it was the fault of Britain and France. Wilson tried to promote the League of Nations but none of the European powers got involved and one forgotten moment is when he propped up the White Army in Russia to fight against Judeo-Bolshevism from the Jewish Supremacists Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Wilson towards the end of his term suffered strokes, had his wife briefly take over while he rested, and left office with a low approval rating. He died on February 3rd 1924.

During the 1920s after his death, America saw a resurgence in the Ku Klux Klan, socially right wing policies, and a return to American order. The racial belief known as Nordicism which scientifically proved that the Nordic race was a master race that has the right to rule White Nations such as America was allowed to come to full surface. The idea of Eugenics was also popular amongst Wilson and his supporters which was designed to help benefit the White race. All of these beliefs can be traced back to Wilson taking our idea of racial Nationalism mainstream. Most American Presidents have been neither fully good or fully bad after the 1860s, Wilson got several things right however and managed to help propel several ideologies forward and help give a rebirth to the Southern cause and ultimately the White Race!

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