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Why the GOP Should Abandon the Minority Vote

Dan Poole | Race stories have been heating up all over the country in recent days in weeks, and they are premised on the despicable meme of “evil white men” butchering “innocent black men.”

First there was “White or White Hispanic” brown Hispanic George Zimmerman defending himself from Trayvon Martin.

Then there was the shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma in which three blacks were killed by a white man and a Cherokee native-American. This story also had the left wing media salivating with anti-white hatred. Not only did they ignore vicious black-on-white hate crimes in Tulsa, but they falsely called both shooters white when in fact one was an American Indian. (News sources indicate that Jake England, Cherokee Indian, was the sole shooter. -Editor)

Tulsa, Oklahoma is thus further proof that hatred of whites is both mainstream and legitimate.

Assuming charges are filed against Zimmerman today, it will only serve one purpose: to prevent blacks from rioting as violently as they did when the three LAPD officers were acquitted in the Rodney King case. It has nothing to do with Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt. The mobsters are out in full force, and they want blood – ideally, white blood.

In light of this racial milieu, the political implications deserve attention. For example, black Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said recently on Billy Cunningham’s show that the left wing media is hyping the Trayvon Martin story to stir up anti-white dissent among blacks, which will in turn result in votes for the reelection of Barack Obama.

Like every polling expert, Peterson knows that Obama needs a strong base of non-white voters in order to win. Indeed, Obama is banking his reelection campaign on securing the votes of the existing multi-ethnic continental conclave, whilst abandoning the white working class vote. His speech in Osawatomie, Kansas last December showed it.

But here’s the thing: if Obama is going to bank his reelection on explicitly appealing to non-white voters, than why shouldn’t Mitt Romney and the Republican Party bank their reelection on explicitly appealing to white voters, which comprise over 90 percent of their base?

Moreover, why should the Republican Party kow-tow to all these non-white voting constituencies when those constituencies fundamentally reject the principles and values that the GOP base stands for?

Southeast Michigan’s Mike Brownfield made the argument on Monday that the GOP should appeal to Hispanics by emphasizing how Obama’s economic policies have completely failed them. He also argued that the Hispanic voting bloc is one that the GOP needs to tap into in order to secure electoral viability.

Hispanic Republicans such as Senator Marco Rubio of Florida have made similar arguments.

Here’s the problem: it’s a pipe dream that will never become reality. Not now, and certainly not in the future. Hispanics are just as liberal (read: anti-American) when it comes to economics as they are when it comes to immigration. As Hispanic activist Victoria DeFrancesco Soto explains:

“At first glance it would seem that because of the magnitude of their economic losses and their grim educational position, Latinos would be the most punishing of the president’s policies. But the data suggest that Latinos want more government involvement, not less, making them unreceptive to the message of the GOP and particularly the Tea Party.”

Soto also says: “For Latinos, economic well-being is intimately tied to the economic recovery of the nation; they are progressives who support a robust federal government.”

So how exactly does the GOP appeal to a constituency that supports a robust federal government (read: totalitarianism)? By selling out both its base and its country:

Undocumented Democrats“The clear message here is that Latinos will vote Democrat and that they don’t pay taxes, while sucking up benefits like Medicaid, education, and flooding the prison system. Republicans can’t possibly appeal to Latino voters without not only caving in on immigration (which would obviously exacerbate all the problems), but also advocating for higher taxes for their base to feed the insatiable immigration beast.”

The same is true for all non-white groups. Either Republicans will explicitly appeal to their conservative white base, or they will start a suicidal race to the bottom in which they compete with Democrats for who can do a better job stealing from whites to give to non-whites.

Given the way the country is going, Republicans will probably choose the later. Even an otherwise honorable conservative in Brownfield claimed that “conservatives have always recognized the need to have more legal immigration.”

Those who make this argument are wrong: Legal immigration is devastating as well, because, among many other reasons, “immigration serves as a subsidy for low-wage, low-productivity ways of doing business, retarding technological progress and productivity growth.”

Moreover, this “pro-legal immigration” viewpoint fails to consider the perspective of the natives. In the United States, the natives are by and large white and have always been white. Ergo, the GOP should explicitly appeal to the interests and needs of their white base.

If that white base becomes a minority, then sobeit, because in that scenario, the United States will become a third world hellhole anyway.

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Dan Poole, a writer for the Detroit Political Buzz Examiner, is a Political Science major and History minor who is currently an undergraduate Senior at Oakland University. A former intern for the Milford Times with dozens of published articles, Dan has a passion for politics and ideology that he loves to express in writing. His experience working.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    The GOP isn't going to change it's long time policy of bandering to those who could careless about voting for them! Which is exactly why we need the A3P.

    • Dan Poole says:

      I don't think it will either, but here's the problem – and I don't say this to be pessimistic: how exactly does a third party like A3P became a national force in a country where proportional representation doesn't exist? The answer is that there needs to be enough people rising up demanding that the GOP be replaced. This may happen with the way things are going, but right now, the silent majority is still asleep. I just hope that it wakes up in time before its too late.

      • American3P says:

        Exactly. We think that eventually the majority population will awaken and discover how minority ethno-centric voters deliberately want to defeat the White American voter! White votes are divided by party affiliation whereas other populations vote based on what is good for their group! Sooner or later White Americans will realize the strength of voting as a group. A3P hopes to be around in large numbers by then.

        When the U.S. population was 90% European-American we did not have to be concerned about a minority vote. As our numbers dwindle our concerns will become insignificant. I suspect this is why immigration is pushed and illegal immigration is tolerated.

      • sonicwhip says:

        All A3P members need to keep getting the word out by distributing party literature and wake up the population against the republicans and democrats (Republocrats).

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