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White Pride Group Criticised At Maryland University

A YWC student group at Towson University has drawn criticism from other students and groups who claim it is racist.

Eric Maza reports

Thumbs up!On Saturday night, the group, Youth for Western Civilization, chalked messages that included the words “White Pride” at several visible locations on campus, including the Student Union and Freedom Square, said its president, Matthew Heimbach. When discovered Monday, the messages angered other student groups, who saw them as having nationalist connotations.

“As a black student, those words scared and concerned me,” said Kenan Herbert, a 24-year-old senior and president of the Black Student Union. “A lot of other students and I feel unsafe with this organization being on campus.”

Kenan Herbert said the group is setting back efforts to make the school more inclusive and diverse. (Source: Baltimore Sun)

The Black Student Union was “scared by these words and by this organization.” One could ask if other students feel safe with the Black Student Union on campus. The school’s efforts to be more “inclusive and diverse” does not include White Americans.

The incident is laughable and startling!

The report goes on

[A] debate culminated Thursday with a meeting, attended by some 400 students, where Youth for Western Civilization and other concerns about racism at the school were discussed, said Teri Hall, associate vice president of campus life.

Hall said the meeting was useful in moderating what had become a heated debate. But school officials won’t be punishing the group because it has not violated any school rules.

“They are within their First Amendment rights,” Hall said.

The Towson chapter is part of a national group that was formed at American University in 2008 and has since slowly spread to some 15 campuses, according to Kevin DeAnna, the president of the national organization.

The national group’s politics have alarmed civil rights organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, which have been monitoring the group for several years. While not explicitly racist, the group’s language demonizes minorities, gays and lesbians and non-Christian religious groups, said Marilyn Mayo, who studies extremist groups for the Anti-Defamation League.

“What they’re talking about is preserving white culture when we live in a diverse, multicultural society,” she said.

Mayo suggests that “multicultural society” does not include White American culture nor European heritage.

“What we want to do is be able to promote on campus for students who want to be proud of their heritage and the foundations of this country,” Matthew Heimbach, president of Youth for Western Civilization. “They have a place to do that and be able to stand up for themselves.”

Good for you Matthew!

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    It really is amazing what these opposing non-white organizations say they fear when it comes to whites merely exercising their own rights and self interest, and especially in the face of the minority on white crime and the general discrimination against whites through Affirmative Action programs on collage campuses, If any one should have legitimate 'fears; it's white students!

    It has gotten to the point, where minorities think that to simply say that they are in fear justifies prohibiting or removing whatever the offending object might be.

    If they have that many phobias against others exercising their freedom, then they need to seek professional therapy!

    I commend these white students who are challenging the status-quo, and I hope that they're successful in all of their endeavors to push beyond the double standard and hypocrisy that exists on campuses all across this country.

    • American3P says:

      I find it strange that the "Black Student Union" doesn't see the hypocrisy of objecting to White students organizing!

      "Political Correctness" has pathologized "Whiteness", therefore, Whites are not allowed to have cultural pride or to exercise identity politics.

      The "Black Student Union" is fearful as if Whites should not fear a campus "flash mob"!?

  2. Mike H. says:

    A member of the "Black Student Union" finds the term 'white pride' scary. You just can't make stuff like this up!

    • American3P says:

      These type of news reports seem to follow a structured outline:

      1. White Awareness at Colleges spark cries of "racism".
      2. One-way diversity groups complain.
      3. Civil "Rights" groups (the SPLC and ADL) express "concern".
      4. The school has a meeting to discuss issues of a White group (gasp!) on campus.

      Everyone discovers how White American culture is not part of the multicultural dialogue. Cultural awareness and pride is only for non-white people.

      This incident is anti-White and racist against White college students!

      This is why the American Third Position party was created. To address the concerns of White Americans.

  3. MissBonnie123 says:

    Marilyn Mayo said "What they're talking about is preserving white culture when we live in a diverse, multicultural society,"…

    She acts like we White people HAVE to move aside in the country White Americans founded and established. Such anti-white racism is becoming intolerable!

  4. MERICAN says:

    When I hear the minorities and the media complain I know we must be starting to gain ground. Keep up the good work.

  5. […] The awesome double standard lives on. Why do people refuse to attack groups like La Raza or the NAACP for being Racist? If they want […]

  6. American3P says:

    These groups have been conditioned to view being White as a "pathology." Where did they learn this?

    From anti-White media and distorted history books. For example, one cannot find any school text book that documents how Jews dominated the slave trade. Jews and Arabs invented slavery. However the blame is placed on White people.

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