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What Are They Up To?

Dr. A. H. Krieg | Well, I can tell you…they are in the process of creating a one world monetary system of plastic money, controlled by the New World Order bankers. Who are those N.W.O guys? Well, I can tell you that also; they are the bankers, media, and judicial Ashkenazim that have been at this project for many years. How are they doing this? Well, that’s a rather long and much more complicated story that has grown exponentially in just the last five decades.

One of my favorite economists is Ludwig von Mises, he made a startling observation in the 20th century, “artificially low interest rates cause economic bubble economies” We saw that in the electronics and then housing bubbles and are now seeing it in the oil bubble. The next fall guy will be the stock market bubble that is now totally out of logical control. The “Funny Money” (my inventive phrase of 2,000) created by quantetive easing and $85 then $55 billion a month off book entries by the 12 FRS banks will ensure that.

Dr. Adrian KriegAn interesting side note is the fear by the rich brought on by this N.W.O. plan and its effect on the art and old car markets. Old restored cars are selling like hotcakes, and old master art objects are following that trend. The prices paid in many instances are just plain nuts. Why, you ask? Because the dollar is basically worthless the EURO is worthless, all the worlds currencies values are based on BS and nothing more. Stocks are artificially inflated by 85%, silver is leveraged with short orders to an extent greater than the total annual production, and the big banks have been playing with gold like monopoly money, UBS was just fined, others will follow. What are the wealthy to do? Real estate is not really an option because under any terms you don’t own it the government does! Why are you paying property taxes for something you paid for and the government has no financial interest in? Oil is in serious decline; coal is by environmental decree dead. Green energy is a pipe dream that would collapse the moment government stopped price supports, and endless financial backing on every level to that industry. Proof of that pudding is the $6 billion lost, on over 20 environmental projects by Dr. Chu of the U.S. Energy Department, all lost in bankruptcies, and that’s with government support. The only logical investment for assets is something that historically never fails, is in limited supply, and has risen in value for all past history, and that’s art and old cars.

The stock markets are at historic highs, but if we examine this subject in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, (GAAP) the Earnings Per Share (EPS) the actual 2014 market is 1.3% lower and 2015 will be lower still. This indicates a continuation of lower wages, a problem that has plagued America for the last five decades.

The stock markets are over inflated because the Fed has continuously and many times reduced, the interest rates. Additionally every time the marked hiccups the “Plunge Protection Team” now numbering over 1,000 traders jumps into the act and begins buying. At least someone in San Francisco FRS appears awake, they issued a warning that in their opinion the market will fall in the future because of baby boomer retirements. Baloney the issue is interest rates, which are now at 0.25%, the only place they can go is up, and when they go up things will become very dicey. Our on the books national debt is now over $18 trillion, then we have to add the quantetive easing’s and the $85 and the $55 billion a month monetary expansion that combined are $ 7 trillion, not counted in the national debt, which does not even consider the over $100 trillion projected debt over the coming two decades. So you figure it out, if they raise the interest rate to over 2.5% it will consume every penny of paid taxes out of our $ 14.7 trillion dollar economy just to service the debt interest.

The unconscionable bank bailouts beginning in November 2008 with QE-1 of $600 billion, Nov. 2010 $600 billion, then $ 75 billion per month, then $85 billion per month then $55 billion per month—well all at once we are talking about real money! And the question is—What have the banks done with all that cash?—they were obviously not lending it to industry or business. That one is simple—If you can borrow money from the Fed at 0.25%, or better yet, just increase your book balance by $ 140 million per month, you invest in the markets. If you are even moderately astute you can make about 7.5% borrowing at 0.25% and earning at 7.5% gives you a net profit of 7.25% while sitting on your butt, with little or no risk. There is no risk, because your institution has been deemed too large to fail and if over $50 billion is pumped into the stock market monthly the only place it can go is up. And if you were to fail it will just be another bailout!

As all good things (for bankers) all this has to come to an end at some point. We are in my opinion very close to that. Bankers have painted themselves into a corner. They created a debt that is impossible to re-pay, when they lower interest rates below reason, they reduced through this the ability of the economy to re-pay the artificially created stock bubble. They cannot continue the relentless bailouts and quantetive easing; they cannot up the interest rates to where they belong at about 4.5%. What will they do?

The plan is not new, after all, the entire problem is not new; we have gone through this time and time again. We had a Civil War because of banker’s manipulation of the economy through tariffs; we had the Napoleonic wars, in which the bankers were the prominent agents, we had WWI because the Rothschild’s wanted to up their profit margins, we had WWII because Hitler refused to deal with the Ashkenazi banking cartel that made their declaration of war in the London (HQ of the Diaspora) Ashkenazi news paper Daily Express, Friday March 24th 1933.

It would appear by looking at past history that every time the bankers paint themselves into a corner, they start another war; usually by financing both sides. There is of-course another possibility. Today the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. That appears by all financial indication to be in its last death throws. The bankers from day one have manipulated this. Governments strongly support this move because the replacement of the dollar will be with an international currency that is digital. In other words they plan to eliminate physical money replacing it with a special credit card. The credit (phony fiat money) will be backed by nothing, have no actual value, purchasing power to be determined by bankers artificial valuation, giving government the ability to know every detail of your personal financial situation, and know everything you do, and banksters to reap trillions of profit in the phony asset held by them.

It will permanently and forever removes the people’s access to control of interest rates, eliminate congressional oversight of the national debt, allow bankers to totally control the legislative, and executive branches of the government, and turn the citizenry into serfs just as they were in the Middle Ages. If you plan to oppose this system once established, they could confiscate your imaginary assets, make you destitute, and thus will control everyone and everything. Please now Welcome the New World Order coming soon to your neighborhood.

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