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Visegrad 4 Set Stage for Merkel Showdown

The leaders of the Visegrad Four (V4) nations—Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, along with representatives from Macedonia and Bulgaria—have set the stage for an explosive clash with Germany by setting March as a deadline for the nonwhite invasion to be stopped.

The Project Nova Europa website is part of the Nova Europa movement, which seeks to offer a solution to the impending crisis facing white people all over the world by creating a European homeland, or ethnostate.

If a “final decision” in this regard is not taken by then, the group has said, they will ensure that the Bulgarian and Macedonian borders with Greece are closed, strangling the “Balkans route” being used by the invaders.

In a statement issued after their joint meeting on Monday in Prague, the Visegrad Four—Bohuslav Sobotka (Czech Republic), Beata Szydlová (Poland), Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Robert Fico (Slovakia), along with Gjorge Ivanov (Macedonian President), and Boyko Borissov (Bulgarian Prime Minister)—released a statement saying the future of the European Union (EU) depended upon securing its external borders.

In their statement, the leaders demanded that the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders with Greece be closed “should the Greek and Turkish governments fail to meet their obligations” to halt the invasion.

Such a move would in effect create an EU buffer zone on Bulgaria’s and Macedonia’s borders, even though the latter is not a member of the EU and Bulgaria is not a member of Schengen. It would also cut off Greece—which is an EU member.

The reason why the V4 group has come up with this plan is because they obviously do not believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plans involving Turkey and Greece will bring results.

A final decision, the V4 group has said, must come in March, and if by then there are no signs of improvement—that is, if Turkey and Greece have not lived up to their promises—then they will take steps to shut the border.

The presence of the Macedonian President and Bulgarian Prime Minister at the V4 meeting means that they have already agreed to this plan—which clashes directly with Merkel’s “open borders” pro-invasion stance.

The official V4 statement said that “Unless we put the decisive steps rapidly into practice and thus improve the management of the most exposed parts of the European Union’s external borders and stem the migratory flow, the situation risks deteriorating beyond our control.

“Such a development would put the cornerstones of the European integration, especially Schengen and the principle of free movement, at risk. Stepping back in this area would question the very foundations of the European Union and would have strong negative economic, social, and symbolic impacts. Moreover, it would also produce harmful effects for the security and stability of the Balkans region.”

The V4 statement is likely to be hotly debated at the “EU summit on migration” due to begin on Thursday this week, with the majority of German newspapers already viewing the threat to shut the border with Greece as a “rebellion against the migration policies of Chancellor Merkel.”

Die Welt newspaper, for example, reported that the V4 meeting had “strongly objected to the German Chancellor’s refugee policy” and had also rejected outright any form of “refugee-sharing quota” among EU member states.

Die Welt pointed out that Slovakia and Hungary had already complained formally against the “refugee distribution mechanism,” while the Czech Republic had just refused to implement it. The Polish government, Die Welt added, had also changed course in the wake of that country’s recent elections.

“In essence, however, the four Eastern European countries are unanimous: They strictly reject Angela Merkel’s policy on refugees,” Die Welt said.

Furthermore, Die Welt said, the Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec had also threatened to refuse to pay his country’s share of the €3 billion promised to Turkey because that latter nation had done nothing to stop the flow of invaders.

“Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico rants every day against Berlin’s refugee policy, and as he is on the campaign trail, he uses the subject there to secure his re-election,” Die Welt said, referring to elections currently underway in the Slovak Republic.

The German newspaper also revealed that Czech and Slovak border guards are already in position at the Bulgarian and Macedonian borders, helping with protection of their frontiers.

This was confirmed by the Czech Prime Minister in an interview Sunday with Reuters, in which he said that the Central European leaders are ready to “help Balkan countries seal their borders with Greece to stem the flow of migrants across the continent.”

It would not take much for the V4 states to simply step up their presence, and help seal off the border with Greece completely.

“Already now policemen from V4 countries are helping on the Macedonian border; we are prepared to strengthen our aid if needed,” he said.

He said the European Union’s agreements with Turkey to reduce the flow of invaders to Greece from the Middle East and Africa had so far not yielded satisfactory results and time was running out.

“The current situation when up to 3,000 people come to Greece every day certainly is not what we had in mind,” he said. “The V4 realizes how important it is to focus on the west Balkan route and show solidarity with the west Balkan countries and help them with protection of their borders.”

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