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NPI Conference In Europe, Richard Spencer Detained

The National Policy Institute Conference in Europe was banned by the Hungarian Government. Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday instructed Interior Minister Sandor Pinter (a former member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party) to use “all legal means at his disposal” to prevent the meeting planned Oct. 3-5 from taking place in Budapest, saying it considers the organization extremist and “racist.”

Tom Sunic, who is Croa­t­ian and a leader in the Amer­i­can Free­dom Party, was also sched­uled to address the NPI gath­er­ing.

Interior Minister Sandor Pinter on Monday ordered that the scheduled speakers of the conference may not enter the country or stay in Hungary. Mr. Pinter said he was acting on the instructions of Prime Minister Viktor Orban in ordering the chief of national police to use all legal means to prevent the event.

In response, NPI President Richard Spencer said, “I can only conclude that Viktor Orban and everyone attacking our conference fear what we have to say.”

“From what I understand, these [attacks] originated from the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), which is the successor to the Hungarian Communist Party.”

The scheduled conference is titled “The Future of Europe: Perspectives on Geopolitics, Identity and Nation.” Prospective speakers included Russian political scientist and ideologist Alexander Dugin, the ministry said.

Hungary’s ministry of foreign affairs and trade said it was “unacceptable that an extremist American racist organization should hold a conference with Russian radicals here in Hungary,” and that such a conference would damage Hungary’s international reputation. Mr. Dugin couldn’t be reached for comment.

The original list of speakers also included Marton Gyongyosi, a prominent member of the Hungarian far-right Jobbik party, which got more than 20% of the vote in general elections earlier this year and is the third-largest party in the Hungarian Parliament.

By Monday, Mr. Gyongyosi’s name had disappeared from the list of scheduled speakers

Civil demonstration against planned conference

About 100 people gathered in downtown Budapest on Friday evening to demonstrate against the planned conference which the authorities called “racist” and “white supremacist”.

Anti-Defamation League

Abe Foxman BullyThe Anti-Defamation League (the largest Jewish Supremacy hate group in America) described Richard Spencer “…as being the new face of white supremacy who over­sees a num­ber of projects in addi­tion to NPI…” The ADL supports the anti-immigration policy in Israel and has never condemned the forced birth control of African immigrants. The Anti-Defamation League lost a $10.5 million dollar lawsuit for defamation against a couple in Colorado.

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