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University Race-Based Holistic Review Under Scrutiny

Fisher sues University of Texas
By: Joshua Bates, 2/13/2015

Western Civilization lives and breathes by innovation. It is its lifeblood. The quest to give the best and brightest minds a chance to hone their skills is no doubt a primary reason behind the state of Texas’ mid-90s decision to automatically admit the top 10% of graduating high school students into its state-funded universities. It seems, though, that ingenuity, hard work, and fairness have lost their precedence to Affirmative Action yet again.

In 2003 the United States Supreme Court ruled against Barbara Grutter when it upheld its ruling to allow schools to consider race as a plus factor when considering applicants that did not graduate in the top 10% of their class. This “plus factor,” though, seems to only be considered as such if you are not White. Consider that Barbara maintained a 3.8 grade point average and scored a 161 on the LSAT which places her somewhere in or around the 80th percentile. Despite being qualified for acceptance and the District Court finding that the school’s race-based policy was unlawful, the Sixth court reversed the lower court’s decision with the Supreme Court upholding the reversal soon after.

Fast forward to 2008 when Abigail Fisher, then a recent graduate of Stephen F. Austin High School with a 3.59 grade point average, was denied admission to the University of Texas at Austin.

Because Ms. Fisher did not graduate in the top 10% of her class she was not automatically admitted but was still eligible after submitting to a so-called holistic review except for one small problem; she is White. This is a problem because the holistic review process gives the university the right to discriminate against any applicant based on race. Of course this is mainly a problem for White people. Whites are the primary race discriminated against when it comes to Affirmative Action, although Asian-Americans are also experiencing discrimination from racial preferences on college campuses. Ms. Fisher filed suit against the University of Texas alleging that it is because they are White that they were denied admission. On June 24, 2013 the Supreme Court ruled against Ms. Fisher and upheld Affirmative Action yet again.

However, Abigail is apparently not one to give up so easily. According to an article by Elizabeth Slattery in The Daily Signal, Ms. Fisher is asking the Supreme Court to review her case against the University of Texas at Austin for race-based discrimination for a second time. (Slattery) The reasons that Ms. Fisher submitted as to why the justices should review their 2013 ruling are rather cogent if not commonsensical. They basically demonstrate that race-based discrimination is completely beyond the purview of any jurisprudence and sets a precedent for other schools to discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants based on race.

Fortunately the authors of the reporting article are in favor of doing away with any type of discrimination as pertaining to college applications by citing Chief Justice John Roberts famous quote: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race”.

However the battle is far from over. Whites have much more to worry about than anti-White discrimination in the form of Affirmative Action. Cases such as those of Barbara Grutter and Abigail Fisher have certainly brought to light the nature of today’s university system as well as that of the Supreme Court. It would certainly be a step in the right direction if the Supreme Court overturned their previous ruling thus opening the doors again to the more qualified applicants to our universities. We as Whites need to use these cases to tear the wool from the eyes of our kin and expose the numerous and varying manners in which our detractors are attempting to steal both our country and identity away from us.

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