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Two Young Men Murdered In Front Of Golden Dawn Office

A motorcycle with two terrorists wearing helmets stopped in front of the offices of the Golden Dawn in Neo Iraklio Athens. People were standing outside the offices when the passenger got off the motorcycle and shot in cold blood at a distance of 1.5 feet two young men aged 22 and 26 years old. Before leaving the terrorists again shot the young men lying on the ground. They literally emptied their guns on them. Another citizen was seriously injured by a bullet. It’s a miracle that no one else was hurt. The attack was planned and appears not to be aimed at a specific person, but rather anyone who was outside the offices of Golden Dawn while it was open.

Ilias Kasidiaris of Golden Dawn releases statement

“The Golden Dawn has been targeted for over a month from the government and the media . It is for this reason we are asking for harsh punishment not just for those who physically carried out the crime, but also the instigators of this cold-blooded execution. We urge all the Greeks to stay calm and stay united at this critical hour. We express our deepest sorrow to the family of the children. These children belong to our family.”

The Golden Dawn had requested police protection for the office as they had been receiving threats, but the Samaras coalition refused! Will Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the leftist government aggressively go and target those who perpetrated these murders in the manner that he targeted Golden Dawn for the murder of some unknown rap artist?

Golden Dawn Flag

The Golden Dawn Press Office released this statement:

We express our deepest sorrow to all of Greece for the loss of two youths, two people who are considered members of our family.

The government, the minister Antonis Samaras and minister of public order Dendias are personally guilty and are fully responsible for the cold-blooded murders tonight of two young Greeks. The Golden Dawn had repeatedly asked for police patrols for our local offices, which had been attacked in the past and were continuous targets for terrorists. The government not only refused, but removed the existing police protection we legally are supposed to posses.

The villainous minister not only allowed, but incited the terrorist groups, to run rampant tonight and attack our young people. The hatred of the government and the media against Golden Dawn, as has been expressed in the last month, armed the hands of the murderers.

The Golden Dawn requests an immediate investigation of the case, arrest of these criminals, and a punishment to the fullest extent of the law. We urge all the Greeks to remain calm and united in this critical moment for our Fatherland. We express our deepest sorrow to all of Greece for the loss of two young kids, two people who are considered members of our family.

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