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'Trayvon' Hate Crimes Against White Americans: Where Are Jackson, Sharpton, & The Black Caucus?

On Monday, April 23rd, a headline reported that “I Beat Up White Man Because I Am Mad About Trayvon“.

The suspect, Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban Chicago man was charged with a hate crime after beating and robbing a 19-year-old White victim. According to the report “After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the victim up because he was white.”

Trayvon Martin, 17, was fatally shot Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who was charged April 11 with second-degree murder. Zimmerman is Hispanic, while Martin was black. The shooting sparked protests nationwide, as well as debates about the laws and race. Martin was black; Zimmerman is the son of a white father and Hispanic mother. After identifying Zimmerman as “White” the media back-pedaled and described him as “White and Hispanic.”

In other news, two Orthodox Jewish brothers were charged with beating a black teenager while patrolling for their Orthodox Jewish neighborhood watch. Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim are seeking a postponement to their trial until the “Zimmerman matter settles down…”

The passenger threw the teen to the ground and the driver hit him in the head with a hand-held radio and patted him down. The brothers are charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment and carrying a deadly weapon (the hand-held radio). The pair face up to 13 years in prison if convicted on all three counts.

The Werdesheims, who are white and Jewish, have claimed self-defense in the 2010 incident, saying the teen was holding a board studded with nails. The trial has already been postponed six times.

Once again, the media describes the assailants as “White”. I challenge anyone to find any news report that describes Jews as “white and Jewish.”

According to The Blaze,

“…a white Alabama man is in critical condition after being beaten by a black mob. Ironically, all local media is still refusing to mention that the attackers were black. ‘.. what happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said ‘Now thats justice for Trayvon.'” YouTube link here.

On April 5th, 78-year-old Dallas Watts, a white male of East Toledo, was assaulted by a group of 6 “youths”. While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, “[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],” according to a police report.

A citizen wrote to us and made these additional points

The mainstream media’s anti-White portrayal and continuous anti-White conditioning spewed out to both non-White and White Americans, has already fueled the contempt most Blacks already seem to have for Whites as a whole. The shooter of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, is a Latino, yet Whites are somehow responsible for Trayvon’s death, thanks to the biased media coverage. And the incident in the Chicago area this week (mentioned earlier) is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come in the near future. But since we’ve already covered this story, let’s move onto other news stories that can also benefit A3P.

Also within the past week, a 28-year-old White mother, Kala Golden Schuchardt, was gunned down after leaving a Texas pediatric clinic by a Black woman named Verna McClain, who then abducted Kala’s newborn son. Witnesses said the young woman was shot in the chest at least three times, but still yelled “my baby, my baby!” and attempted to retrieve three-day-old Keegan Schuchardt from McClain’s blue Lexus as she drove away. McClain was later arrested and the baby was returned to a family member.

Now the shooting of an innocent mother and her child abducted is about as horrific a crime as can be. However, while the story did circulate for a day or two, I have not heard anything in regards to it in several days. After all, the shooting victim is White and the killer is Black; and this story just does not correlate into the agenda of the anti-White, dominant media.

So what kind of outcry have we heard from the White community regarding the death of the Texas mom by the Black nurse? Nothing! We should march in Texas! We should takes buses, trains, and carloads of White American’s to protest this contradictory lack of media concerning of White victims.

Al SharptonWill the liberals and the liberal media who have stirred up Black racial hatred of Whites over the Trayvon Martin death feel any responsibility for these black-on-white racial attacks and numerous others that they have helped cause with their misinformation? What about the Jackson-Sharpton circus?

And why hasn’t any White (or Black) member of Congress raised this issue on the House floor as did The Congressional Black Caucus or Congressman Bobby Rush, a former Black Panther? Probably too busy washing blood from their hands.

When elected, the American Third Position Party representatives would speak out against this deliberate concealment and denial of black hate crimes. The A3P is the only party that provides a voice for White Americans.

Consider donating to the party today.

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  1. October says:

    Sharpton and Jackson are black leaders and don't care about white victims. – There you have your answer.

    In the media it is okay to be a black civil rights leader, but be a white leader and you'll be-called a bigot.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    It's obvious that there exist a media conspiracy to ovoid reporting a great deal of the "Black-on-White" crime in this country. Many of these crimes being some of the most heinous, cruel, and despicable crimes imaginable.

    Some of those who support the suppressing of the "Black-on-White" crime issue would say, that they don't wish to incite racial hatred against Blacks. And yet they don't seem to care that the ad-nausea coverage of certain White-on-Black crimes are undoubtedly inciting hatred and crimes against White citizens!

  3. Henry says:

    Stop being afraid of being called anything, what the heck happened with "sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me"?

  4. Simple truth says:

    Do you realize that people seek out Al Sharpton when injustices occur and not him seeking out stories like some slip and fall injury lawyer.

    The [Trayvon] Martin Family reached out to Al weeks after their son's murder once it was clear to them that the Sanford FL police dept was not going to do anything.

    • American3P says:

      Al Sharpton is a race-hustler. Remember the Tawana Brawley non-incident he blamed on "White" people.

      • Simple truth says:

        Yup I grew up in NYC and remember it very well, he was lied to by Ms Brawley, her lawyers were subsequently disbarred in NY for covering up things once they realized she was lying.

        Remember Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, or Sean Bell are those cases race hustling too or examples of injustices that seem to get swept under the rung until someone (like Sharpton) lifts the rug and shed light on them.

        I'm not saying he's perfect but before you dismiss the man show me an example of a family that is not black reaching out to him where he turns his back on them.

  5. Lasher says:

    Simple truth: I remember many instances of black on white crime that are never reported in the media because a small minority population seems to have a louder voice than the majority population. Today, many White Americans cannot compete fairly because the deck is stacked. We need to develop and promote our own media resource. Especially with the advent of the internet.

  6. Lasher says:

    You probably won't post my previous comment…

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