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The Women’s and Civil Rights Movements

By Robert Litoff

Sigmund Freud and Franz Boas were pioneers in the movement to denigrate western culture and to destroy our sexual morals. They were both Jews, of course. I am 73 years old and in my university years, we already had sociology, anthropology and psychology, but we did not yet have women’s studies nor black studies. But, all the social sciences are pseudosciences, the purpose of which is to create pseudo-scientific evidence for the movements with which to destroy western culture and to create a free sex society.

Margaret Mead who wrote “The Coming of Age in Samoa” was a student of Franz Boas. Margaret Mead went to Samoa to make a study to support the view that free sex created a happy and crime free world. She did not speak the language nor could she bring herself to live in a Samoan type home. So, she had to live in a western style home and visit Samoan villages. She spent a very short time there and her book is full of false claims. In reality, Samoa did not have a totally free sex society. A woman who exercised self-restraint was admired. Also, Samoa had a very high crime rate including the crime of rape. And, we should not consider a culture which practiced cannibalism before contact with the west and where people lived in grass huts as model for our culture which builds cars, computers, airplanes et cetera. Long after Margaret Mead made her study and wrote her book “The Coming of Age in Samoa”, it was discovered that Samoans had a huge talent for playing American style football and several Samoans are now playing in the N. F. L. I do not know how this has affected the culture and economy of Samoa. Margaret Mead wrote another book “Sex and Temperament in Primitive Societies”. The theme of this book is tell us that masculine and feminine personality treats are all determined culturally instead by innate differences. She wrote of 3 tribes which were all located in the island of Papua-New Guinea, one of the most primitive places on earth. They were the Arapesh in which men and women both had feminine personalities, the Tchambuli in which the men had female personalities and the women had male personalities and the Mundugumor in which both men and women had male personalities. However, the Tchambuli were cannibals. Now, if Tchambuli men hunted, killed and ate other humans, that does not seem feminine to me. Or, maybe the women did the hunting and killing of other humans and the men cooked the human meat? Or, perhaps, between human hunts, Tchambuli men knitted and gossiped. Who knows? Margaret Mead was greatly rewarded for her quackery by being made president of the American Anthropological Association.

Women's Rights

Feminism and the black civil rights movement are really auxiliary movements of the free sex movement and the movement for the denigration of western civilization. Now, I am all for equal rights and fair treatment of all peoples including women and blacks. But, the women’s movement and the black civil rights movement have done more to hurt than to help the groups which they are supposed to represent.

Let us begin with the nature of women regarding sex. For all the thousands of years of human existence, women who were not selective regarding their male sex partners were less likely to have surviving offspring. Women who selected their male sex partners based on the man’s resources, his ability to provide and, most of all, his commitment to her and any children which might result from their sexual relationship were more likely to have surviving offspring. In all cultures, races and nationalities, if there is a courtship system which provides for individual choice in selecting mates and some privacy for the couple when courting, the man will go as far sexually as the woman will let him. Very few men will attain a level of self-control which will cause them to be able to restrain themselves from engaging premarital sexual relations if the women will not stop them. Christianity, up until recently, before the cowardly “Christians” let free sex advocates run all over them, had been a protector of women’s interests because it linked a male’s sexual gratification to a commitment to the woman with whom he would be having sexual relations and to the children who would result from the sexual relationship through the institution of marriage. Christianity gave the power over premarital sex to the women and made easier for them to say “no” when the time was not right for them and men would more readily accept the women’s wishes. All societies which achieve the best have strong families with mothers and fathers present to raise their children. From 1916 to 1920, America had a 2.2% out-of-wedlock birthrate which was lower than the out-of-wedlock birthrates of every European nation. I do not know if the 2.2% figure included blacks or was a whites only figure. A country does not have to be Christian to have a culture which has a very low out-of-wedlock birthrate and stable families. Japan is not a Christian nation, but has done a very good job of lowering its out-of-wedlock to a low of 1%. However, it was not until the late 1940’s when Japan first had a lower out-of-wedlock birthrate than America. Regarding America retaining a high living standard despite our enormous drop in our sexual moral standards, in time our low morals will lower our quality of life. The percentages of our student bodies at our colleges and universities which are for males are declining while the percentages for females are increasing. This is the first sign of boys growing up without fathers in the home.

The same ideology which now controls the academia and also controls the mainline media. And the mainline media, which is controlled by Jews, is a propaganda service for the radicals who are for free sex and the denigration of western civilization. This could be seen during the Gay Rights Movement. First openly gay celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres are introduced to the public and gay characters become common in situation comedies. Of all the situation comedies of which I know, the gay character is an effeminate sissiest male, very harmless and nonthreatening. This ignores the hypermasculine homosexuality aspects with its promiscuity and much more frequent sexual assaults than those of among heterosexuals. From the reporting of homosexual pride parades, one might think that they are like St. Patrick’s Day Parades. And, the exhibitionism and sometimes public sex acts at Gay Pride Parades are not reported by the mainline media. However, the propaganda blitz was not sufficient to defeat referendums against homosexual marriage nor win referendums for homosexual marriage. So, magically our court system steps in and tells us that the conservative Christians who wrote the constitution wanted homosexual marriage. Therefore, all laws against homosexual marriage are illegal. And, all the sheeple just grin and bear it. And, the mainline media praises all who are perversion friendly and vilifies those who try preserve morality and common sense. So, North Carolina makes a law that everybody must use the restrooms which designated for the sex of which they were born which would prevent male perverts from using the women’s room which might be being used by girls by just saying they feel that they are females. I think that, if the North Carolina law was offered as a referendum in all states, the North Carolina law would win in all states. But, soon the A. C. C. is threatening to expel the Univ. of North Carolina and North Carolina State Univ. because of North Carolina’s common sense bathroom law. And, the N. C. A. A. is stating that there will be no championship playoff nor championship games in North Carolina because of their bathroom law. In Russia, homosexuality which had been a crime in the Soviet era was decriminalized. So, homosexuals can go about doing what they want without fear. But, Russia is still the bad guy according to our media because they are against teaching positive attitudes about homosexuality to children. However, in Nigeria homosexuals are often killed in the conservative north. And, the lucky homosexuals in the liberal south only need to fear a 14 year prison sentence. Why do we not hear about this? Maybe, because a black country in which homosexuality is despised does not fit the narrative which the mainline media wants to report.

Regarding the women’s movement, it is harmful to the great majority of women and children who are affected by it. It helps privileged women like Janet Yellin and the female presidents of many universities in getting their appointments and women seeking career’s in non-traditional female fields like engineering in getting their jobs. But, it hurts most other women. The Women’s movement is not about solving problems, but in destroying institutions like marriage. So, the women’s movement’s propaganda portrays marriage as an institution of oppression of women, housework as drudgery, husbands as the enemy and divorce is a good solution. Betty Friedan (nee Bettye Naomi Goldstein, a Jew, of course ) always had a full-time maid, so her maid must have told her about the drudgery of housework because she had no personal experience with housework. However, what happens after divorce? Women should consider the costs of separating into 2 households, the lack of a partner with whom to share responsibilities like child care et cetera. If the former wife wants the the companionship of an adult man again, she has to find someone to take care of the children when she dates and she will have probably have a lot of disappointments with the men whom she dates and have to deal with men who want sex before she is interested in it. And, suppose she finds another man to marry. The new marriage will probably be more complicated than her first. In this marriage there will be not only the issues of child support and visitation of her ex-husband, but also the issues of child support and visitation of the new husband if he has been married before. One of the reasons contributing to the higher divorce rate in second marriages is that they are more complicated than first marriages. Also, a together marriage is best for the raising of children. Children from intact marriages with the mother and father present are the most successful and have fewer problems. The expression “father figure” is a deceptive expression because it implies that any man can take the place of the biological father. However, the children who come from families of women who remarried in which there is a stepfather do no better than the children of divorced women who never remarried. There are a few cases when divorce is necessary, but usually a better alternative is working through marriage problems or even enduring the problems because following the divorce there are usually bigger and more complicated problems. In a marriage which is troubled, but there are no children, then a divorce before there are any children could be the right solution.

Another issue is freer sex for women. This seems like a crazy issue for the women’s movement. There have always been men looking for uncommitted sex. The easiest thing in the world is for a woman to find a man who wants sex with her. When I was completing my education in the 1960’s, nearly all unmarried men were looking for women with whom to have sex. So, it seems that, by supporting freer sex, the women’s movement is on the side of adolescent males and males who do not want to outgrow their adolescence. Traditional Christian society has always been on the women’s side in opposing sex without commitment. The free sex ideology puts women under pressure to yield to the men pressuring them to have sex without commitment which is unnatural to women. And, the women’s movement comes up with ridiculous ideas such as trying to make the male subject to punishment if the woman with whom he had consensual sex suffers from next morning regret after the sex. In the 1960’s, the idea of living together unmarried had first become a topic of discussion. And, before the propaganda for cohabiting had any effect, most men responded according to what is natural to their nature and most women responded according to what is natural to their nature. A lot of men thought that it would be great to be living with a women unmarried, but very few did it because very few women were stupid enough to agree to live with a man unmarried. Living together unmarried is one of the dumbest deals for a woman. In it, the woman gives all the rights and benefits of marriage to a man who is not committed to her. Couples who have lived together unmarried before marriage have a higher divorce rate then those who have not. So, living together does not work as a trial marriage. A woman should not stay involved with man for years in which the man will not himself commit to her. Sexual liberation has made easier for a man to string along woman and it is more like a covert operation to get women to give into the baser instincts of men. The best preventive against women and children living in poverty are husbands committed to their wives and children. All forms of single motherhood, whether the women are never married or are divorced result in more women and children living in poverty, and, in addition to that, there is the loss of the fathers’ help in raising and guiding the children. So, these alternatives life styles are not a good thing. A real women’s movement would want strong marriages.

With the creation of the NAACP, the Jews took over the civil rights movement and has guided it ever since. The NAACP was not started by blacks, it was started by Jews. Most of the original board of directors of the N. A. A. C. P were Jews. I think that Jews really came up with the idea of the NAACP, then invited some blacks leaders to join them to make it look authentic. Since the beginning of the new civil rights movement, the black out-of-wedlock birth has exploded. In 1900, the black out-of-wedlock birthrate was 10% almost the same as the out-of-wedlock birthrate for the Japanese which was 8.8% in 1900 and less the half the current out-of-wedlock birthrate for whites. Still, when I went to high school, most blacks were born in marriages. It was under Pres. Johnson that a welfare system was developed which paid poor people not to get married that the black out-of-wedlock rate exploded. This was caused by a system in which benefits were given to single mothers, but not married couples. The out-of-wedlock births among black is now about 70%. There is no way that the blacks will be successful with so many of their children being raised by single mothers even if they were our equals. And, under such circumstances the black neighborhoods will remain jungles. At first, the civil rights wanted equal rights for jobs and education. Well, that is great; everybody should have equal rights for jobs and education. But, that did not bring about equality. So, affirmative action was invented. The theory here is that, if blacks would be given jobs and go to schools for which they were less qualified than the white applicants, they would grow into their jobs and schools and eventually be as good as the whites. But, that did not workout either. So, now white privilege has been invented as an explanation. So, even when blacks are given jobs and get into colleges for which they are less qualified than the whites, whites are still supposed to have a special advantage because there is a magic aura which keeps blacks down and gives whites an unfair advantage. Remember it is the media (Jews) which pick which views get heard and which views get ignored or vilified. And, so, a thug like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri who earlier on the same day he was shot is shown on a video openly stealing merchandise from a store by intimidating the store clerk into doing nothing about it. And, this thug was turned into a martyr by the media. And, the riots following the death of Michael Brown were shown as if they are outbursts of anger from within the Ferguson community, rather than a chance to loot by neighborhood thieves. And, residents of the community who are afraid to go out while the riots are going on or who are worried that looted stores will pull out of Ferguson making the residents have to go further to go shopping are not given a chance to speak. Retired black basketball player Charles Barkley called the rioters scumbags and thanked the Ferguson police for keeping order. But, the only reason we heard him was because he was a celebrity because of his basketball career. And, the idea that all the problems of black people are caused by whites is just propaganda invented by the Jews who control the media and academia. Many blacks are taught to believe in the idea that whites are responsible the failures of blacks by some sort of trickery and blame others for their problems instead working hard and developing the self-control to succeed.

The news media (Jews) are always looking for stories in which the whites can be made to look like the villains and the blacks look like the victims. But, there are very few of such cases. This led to the media going into a frenzy over the allegation against Duke Univ. Lacrosse players that they had raped a black woman. But, after making the lives of the lacrosse players miserable, it was proved that the “victim” was a liar and the charges were false. Have you ever heard of the Jan and Quiana Pietrzak murders? If you have not heard about them, the reason was that Jan was a white marine married to a black woman. Four black marines tortured them before murdering them. Now, had it been a black marine who was married to a white woman and they were tortured and murdered by four white marines this would have been the biggest and most covered story in the media for months or even years. And, maybe there would have been demonstrations over it. You may have also never heard of the murders of Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian. They were students at the University of Tennessee. The crime began with them being carjacked. But, turned into the most horrible torture murder ever. I will not describe here what happened because it is so sickening. But, if you want to see for yourself, you can find a full description of what happened to them on the internet. The perpetrators were black, so the media did not cover it. And, it is not the blacks who run the media, it is the Jews. And, they want every white person overwhelmed with guilt, so that they will not defend themselves. So, such programs as affirmative action can come into effect. So, equal opportunity did not work and affirmative action did not. So, now the media propaganda is being directed towards the final solution of the white problem which is to encourage black and white interracial marriage until we are all brown and there are no more white people. On the maps of the San Antonio Zoo which a friend and I were given when we entered the zoo recently, there was a picture of a black man with a white woman and 2 biracial children. Now, black and white mixed race families are common in commercials.

Now, media propaganda tries to give the image that people who want to take tough action both against illegal aliens in America and to prevent more illegal aliens from getting into America are bigoted racist. However, a lot of people from third world nations want to get into America, the European nations and other western nations because they are nations which have created the quality of life which their own nations are unable to create. But, if America opens its borders to too many third worlders, eventually America and the other western nations who accept a lot third worlders will become like third world nations. Also, the illegal aliens and some of the legal aliens in America compete mostly with African-Americans for jobs, but most or all the members of the Black Congressional Caucus support the Democratic Party’s soft on immigration policies either because they do not understand this or they are selling out the interests of their own constituents in order to get their positions in congress from the Democrat Party.

South Africa is a nation with a black majority and the black people have gotten control of the government, and it is blatantly against the whites. The first peoples to inhabit what is now South Africa were the Khoisan peoples who were different from both the Bantu speaking peoples who now control the government in South Africa and the whites who are of Dutch or British descent. And, both the people of Dutch descent now called the Boers and the Bantu peoples were moving into South Africa at the same time. The Boers’ settlements in South Africa date back to the 17th century about the same time as the English settlements were being made in what is now the U. S. A. So, it was not like the Boers or other whites conquered a native population of Bantu peoples. It was more like both the Bantu peoples and Boers were taking land from Khoisan peoples. And, the Boers have as much claim to being South Africans as the Bantu peoples. As you can probably guess, the whites were better educated and they ran the most productive farms and most of the nation’s commerce and industry. And, so, the whites also controlled the government. And, the blacks (and I mean by that the Zulus and other Bantu speaking blacks and not the Khoisan peoples) became employees on the farms and in the businesses owned by whites. But, the African National Congress (ANC), the main party of blacks in South Africa demanded “one man, one vote”. So, that the blacks would gain control of government. And, finally the whites handed over the government to the blacks. But, it is not at all like what we have in America where white Americans treat the blacks fairly, really more than fairly, really privileged because of affirmative action. The blacks under the ANC leadership often chant “kill the Boer”, and the belief is promoted that the white success is really due to whites having cheated or taken away from the blacks what rightfully belongs to the blacks. I suppose what is happening now should have been expected. When the white government was still in power, the black opposition executed other blacks whom they considered collaborators with the white government by necklacing which is they put a tire fulled with gasoline around neck of the person about to be executed. And, it would be lit afire. It would take about 20 minutes for the victim to die. Now, that the ANC is in power, white farmers have to take special security measures. However, even so, these security measures sometimes fail. And, the white farmers’ family including the wife and children are massacred often by being hacked to death by machetes. And, now the government of South Africa is planning on confiscating white owned property without compensation. And, because of the terror under which the whites in South Africa live, many are seeking to emigrate to other countries. So, we in America and the nations of Europe are supposed to keep our doors open for the immigration from countries which cannot control their population growth and cannot rise out of poverty. But, in a black nation like South Africa, the whites are being driven out. But, where are the complaints or even news about this in the Jew-owned American mainline media. There was a white man among the leadership of the ANC who led the chants “Kill the Boer”. And, guess what? He was a Jew named Joe Slovo. And, you might think that such a champion of the blacks would marry a black woman and, being a self-proclaimed atheist, he would not care about the religious background of his wife. But, his wife was white and also a Jew. And, now that Joe Slovo has died, all 3 of his daughters have moved out of South Africa and making big bucks in the Jewsmedia. So, their father created the new South Africa, but his daughters do not want to live there. I suppose, if they stayed in South Africa, soon black men would be asking them for dates. Then, how can they refuse without showing their hypocrisy.

Below is a video about several Jews who are for miscegenation for all other whites, but for racial purity for the Jews. One of them is Noel Ignatiev who was a former Harvard professor. He was not fired for advocating the annihilation of white people. Harvard was even proud of him. Barbara Lerner Spectre is putting mask on the genocide of whites by calling it multiculturalism. Multiculturalism means non-whites moving into predominantly white nations and intermarrying with the whites until there are no whites. It is not about non-Japanese moving into Japan or non-Chinese moving into China. It is white radicals who just happen to be mostly Jews from whom the ideology comes, that it is whites, who are really responsible for all the failures of blacks. But, the black nations are better off with their white citizens than without. Zimbabwe, when it was called Rhodesia and under white leadership, was a prosperous nation for both blacks and whites alike. Now, under black leadership and the whites gone, it is impoverished. South Africa has been declining and continues to decline since the A. N. C. took over. This does not necessarily happen in all black nations. I have been to Jamaica which is 90% black. And, non-blacks own businesses, take part in commerce and are even elected to political office.

Now, for all the problems which Jews create, they still extort billions of dollars of aid and America’s most advanced military systems. And, their nation, Israel, does not allow Jews to marry non-Jews and keeps itself a nation for Jews only. And, for all this, we have gotten the Lavon Affair in which Mossad plotted to bomb American installations in Egypt, so the Egyptians would get the blame. And, we have also gotten the 1967 attack on the U. S. S. Liberty in which 34 Americans were murdered and 171 were injured. Jews are the gift which keeps on giving.

[Source: Robert Litoff is a Phi Beta Kappa Jewish scholar who has researched in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.]

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