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The Stark Truth: Interview with William D. Johnson, Chairman A3P

From the VOR – Voice of Reason Broadcast Network:

William D. Johnson is the chairman of the American Third Position (A3P) political party. Topics include:

  • Involvement with the Ron Paul movement & the Democratic Party; Running for office;
  • Political ideology of the A3P and problems with liberals and conservatives;
  • Explicit versus Implicit pro-white debate within the A3P;
  • Candidates both current and potential;
  • A3P platform: economics, saving the middle class, problems with capitalism and socialism;
  • The environment.

The Stark Truth: Interview with William Johnson.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

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Category: American Voice, Establishment News

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  1. John C says:

    Great interview, one that reaffirms my faith in Mr. Johnson as the leader of this organization. It's amazing how in almost every instance, Americans vote against their interests. It's not just a matter of race, but Americans consistently vote for parties that desire more war, a bigger police state, the continued off-shoring of jobs, and a financial sector run amok. Apparently this is what America wants?

  2. jmp_eax says:

    Assuming A3P moves toward an implicit pro-white strategy, how can it reassure members that this is only a shift in strategy rather than a deviation from the party's goals? I do agree that an implicit approach will broaden support, but I would also see it as a sacrifice of core ideals and normalization with the two major parties. The A3P as it currently exists attracts me because it disregards political correctness in order to speak for my ethnicity, something no other major organization is willing to do. Any sort of softening would probably leave me feeling alienated, to be honest.

    • American3P says:

      Thanks for asking. We sent a reply off-site.

    • Virgil Cain says:

      Sir, agree 100%. I'm simply looking for a party that will unapologetically and explicity stand up for the future of white children. Our toddlers are already minorities, but the RNC, center-right conservatives aka Michelle Bachman absolutley REFUSES to acknowledge any interest in whites or white children. Every other ethnic group they will pander to, every other ethnic group is ENCOURAGED to promote their race/ethnicity, but whites will not. Will they do it when whites are 10% of the population? I'm not looking to run down any other races/ethnicities, only show respect and appreciation for my own.

    • Lyn says:

      I agree, being pro-white is the major appeal of A3P, both for nationalists and normal people. No other organization is willing to stand up for our group. If A3P went soft on its core issue, I fear it would not only fail to attract nationalist voters/activists, but it would also fail to catch the interest of dispossessed, oppressed whites. Do you think that the average white will listen to long PC rants about which economic system is best, and problems that A3P will deal with regarding to globalism? All they want is a party that will represent them. Pro-white is the core of A3P. We got the Tea party and such for implicitness. It would be very sad if A3P went soft in a time when whites are more oppressed and cornered then ever.

      And a bit OT but :
      Could A3P make an offical statement that A3P is not international third positionists(fascist)? wikipeda got you in the fascist section due to A3P's name. If you hade a soundbit where A3P stated : "No, we are not followers of the international third position" then A3P could be removed from the neo-nazi part of wikipedia. I know there exists such a clip where William explain that third position refers to A3P being the third choice within the US dual political system. Not that A3P are followers of international third positionism.

      "promotes white nationalism and the political philosophy of the international third position."

  3. thomas armitage says:

    Telling the truth about anything will get you in deep trouble . America First would be a more marketable name for the 3rd position movement. Demographics will make or break a civilization, just look at the history of Islam. Europeans have finally openly admitted that multi-culturalism has been a complete failure. The Oslo bombing is proof of that failure.

    • Virgil Cain says:

      Sir, that's an excellent point to. I'm constantly appalled at the center right conservatives and Republicans who put America LAST, right after Israel. It's disgusting. I have no issues with Israel, but it is a foreign country, where in the Hell do they get the notion that America is joined at the hip with Israel? Quiet frankly, I'm also fed up with center-right conservative candidates making the routine visits to Israel and Africa. Why do they hate America so much?

  4. Mary, White Advocate says:

    There is already an "America First" political party <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( that, while it does recognize the United States' common shared "Judeo-Christian" heritage, it does not specifically mention advocacy for white people and the recognition of our ethnic, racial integrity. Yes, we need a group that strongly stands for us as a people, not part of the amorphous glob under "multiculturalism" which, as you say, has been a failure.

  5. Crystal says:

    The more I hear about the A3P the more I approve of it. I really liked the interview between William Johnson and Mr. Stark.

    I agree that there is a lot of work to do to make White Americans understand what is at stake in our country regarding the changing demographics.

    I plan on donating to A3P soon!

  6. Robert Stark says:

    I agree the name America First would be great but its already taken by the Buchanaite offshoot of the Reform Party which goes by that name.

  7. american liberty says:

    I think Johnson was right on about local leadership being important to increasing A3P performance and growth. The A3P can only grow if the leadership locally is out there working hard. The A3P has good leadership in Indiana, West Virginia, Southern California and Pennsylvania and you see some results there.

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