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The South Africa Project Rallies

America can rescue the Sudanese “lost boys” and permit Sudanese refugees to come over. We allow entry to exiles from Liberia. According to the Migration Information Source, “The top individual countries of origin of the African born are Nigeria, Egypt, and Ethiopia. In the United States, Africans are concentrated in New York, California, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia.”

Human Rights and Refugee Agencies are often hostile to White refugees because they are petrified of the ‘racism’ accusations.

Protesters plan to confront the South African Embassy in Washington, D. C. and the South African Consulate near the UN in New York City.

On February 27th concerned Whites from across the United States held protest rallies in more than a dozen state capitols and major cities to bring attention to the plight of White South Africans, especially the Boer farmers, who are being murdered at a rate four times that of the general population, in a country experiencing 50 murders a day.

Organizing through the South Africa Project, rallies were held in the following states and cities: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Sacramento and Los Angeles in California.

Months of planning, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of physical man-hours went into these protests, but it was the passion and selflessness displayed by Project activists in orchestrating and executing the various events that ensured their success.

Although the two largest events, Sacramento, California and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania experienced opposition counter-protestors, reports from other rallies indicate a sympathetic public in other parts of the country, where Project demonstrators were able to distribute thousands of pamphlets and have meaningful conversations with passersby and other onlookers.

While ethnic conflict and genocides around the world are usually topics of interest to international media outlets, what is happening to Whites in South Africa has received scant mainstream media coverage, and the racial angle of violent crime in South Africa is often played down or goes unmentioned.

Since the end of Apartheid, 30,000- 40,000 Whites have been murdered throughout South Africa. 800,000 out of a total White population of 4 million have been forced to leave the country since 1995. Only 25,000 White commercial farmers remain from a total of 85,000 in 1994. As of December 2011, approximately 3,158-3,811 ethnically-European farmers had been murdered in violent farm-attacks, comprising roughly 7% of the total population of white farmers in South Africa.

The epidemic of racially motivated crime against Whites is given unofficial sanction by the African National Congress ruled South African government, whose policies of redistribution, affirmative action, and the disarmament of rural Whites amount to the legal cover and social context necessary for the general population to undertake a campaign of genocide against South Africa’s White minority.

Whites in South Africa, frequently victims of the most gruesome acts of human depravity – women raped, the elderly tortured, parents killed in front of their children – are a voiceless and endangered minority in a country whose ruling population is becoming increasingly hostile and violent, and whose leadership continually presents the White population as a scapegoat to cover their mismanagement of the South African state.

While the United Nations and International Court both recognize the right of minority populations to live safely and freely amongst their co-nationals, many human rights organizations and watchdogs are loath to place White South Africans on their lists of persecuted populations because of the controversy surrounding the history of ethnic conflict in South Africa and the fact that this time the persecuted race is White. Therefore, South Africa’s White population is in the unique situation of facing genuine physical endangerment accompanied by an almost total media blackout, leading to a general denial of what is happening to them.

Whites in America, while in an infinitely better position than our kinsmen on the Darkest Continent, routinely experience a lightened version of such treatment, as we are denied a legitimate public platform, are discriminated against concerning employment and education, and are presented by our own society in the historic role of oppressors and moral indigents.

Whites throughout the world are struggling to maintain their position in countries where we have lived hundreds, even thousands of years. In places like South Africa and certain portions of the United States, Whites are essentially being cleansed from the cities and towns they built from nothing.

Our people can never expect to receive fair treatment from a monolithic international media and political establishment dominated by an anti-White agenda. This means the most vulnerable of our kind will suffer in silence, like they have done in South Africa, as our people dwindle in numbers and authority in their homelands.

The South Africa Project exists to ensure our people in South Africa have a voice outside of their country speaking up on their behalf. How loud and effective that voice becomes depends on the men and women who support our cause by giving their time, money, and energy to ensure our message is heard.

To participate in our ongoing effort to support White South Africans by bringing international attention to an otherwise voiceless cause, please consider visiting the South Africa Project’s website at the following web-address, www. (from the South Africa Project website.)

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  1. Rita says:

    Join this Facebook page to stay up to date on South Africa Project activities.

  2. sonicwhip says:

    found this online museum for genocide victims of SA.

  3. Donald Palmer II says:

    I was proud to be a part of this in Pa , i did my best to do my duty for my race, i support Mr. Miller and the A3P, Together we will win and anything i can do to help, I'M IN!

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