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The Power of Language

In this day and age in our modern society, we are always told to supposedly be objective, value the truth, and express our ideas. Even those who try to suppress free thought don’t outright say it because it would sound absurd. While the educational system has been taken over by Cultural Marxists, the rank in file members of academia along with popular society haven’t moved the goalpost yet to criminalize free thought or the expression of ideas. They have already started though by calling everything “racist” or “anti-Semitic” that isn’t convenient to the Communist ideology.

This tactic is done because those words are supposed to make someone who is speaking, instantly take back their statements, and grovel to apologize to the enemy. It is designed to make a person who for example, calls out the anti-White nature of Affirmative Action, or someone who criticizes the Israeli lobby’s stranglehold over American Foreign Policy, recant their statements or become “canceled” as the Cultural Marxists have put it.

They will go after you if you have even a small disagreement with their political ideology. You can get ostracized by your family, your friends, your school, your job, your Church, your social gatherings, and so many other places. Social media has now made it much easier to ruin someone’s life.

Do these Cultural Marxists feel bad for causing extreme harm to a human being? No they do not. In fact, they thrive off of it. It is almost like a sick and psychopathic addition that they constantly need to be satisfied. Many of these Cultural Marxists such as the feminists, Antifa, and BLM are often filled with a behavior akin to a mental disorder, and overall degenerate lifestyle that radiates toxicity, and poison in the air. These words are always getting redefined such as the word “racist” by a group who seek to ruin society, and make a White world that is decaying in misery, confusion, anger, and despair, suffer a more painful decline.

Compare and contrast the old definitions of certain words to their new meanings. “Racist” used to mean someone who didn’t like a non-White simply because of their race. Now the term means anyone that non-Whites don’t like. “Anti-Semitic” used to mean someone who hates Jews. The modern day definition is anyone that Jews don’t like. Back then a “White Supremacist” was like someone who wanted to rule over other races, and bring them great misery. But now, a “White Supremacist” is anyone who isn’t apologizing for being White, and is proud of their White heritage.

You are likely to notice a pattern here. The pattern is that now if you, a White, Gentile who is not fully down with your people becoming an absolute minority, or having your race’s genotype wiped of the Earth, or watching young children learn about sex toys and homosexual acts, or having feminism ruin your relationship, or being lectured by smug media pundits who hate White people, or having Confederate and American monuments taken down, or having your country be flooded with non-White immigrants that want to change the entire makeup of the country, or having forced diversity quotas and race mixing shoved down your throat, you are now called a “racist, sexist, fascistic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Nazi who wants to hurt other races!”

This is a sad and dark chapter in White history and if we all don’t act, our race could face a brutal genocide like no other. All of the White Nations are being forced to accept immigrants or else. This is from the United States, to Canada, to Great Britain, to Germany, to France, to Sweden, to Norway, to the rest of Europe, to New Zealand, to Australia, to even the areas where Whites aren’t the majority like South Africa, or wherever Whites may live.

We are told that the few Europeans who moved to non-White countries are invaders or colonists. Why not call the non-Whites who live in Europe which is a place where only Whites come from, invaders? Why not say that they are ripping apart the heritage of White Nations?

If you say those things, you are going to be called a “racist” and the whole cavalcade of labels will be thrown to you.

The Cultural Marxists have done a good job at taking away our right to set the terms of political discussion. They have figured out how to pull on our heartstrings with movies depicting slavery in the South, or the “evil” National Socialists harming others. Behind every film that pushes these social narratives, in the back room, there is a greedy and Zionist merchant laughing, and rubbing his hands together while Whites are browbeaten into submission.

They have done this through the power of words and language. The same accusations were thrown at the Whites in South Africa or Rhodesia who just wanted to be left alone. The African Communists led by Nelson Mandela, called poor, White, South African farmers “racist.”

If you want to get a glimpse into the future of what the White world will look like. Look no further than South Africa and Rhodesia. Whites are hunted and shot like wild animals. The African Communists even have a dance titled “Kill the White Boer.” One of the political leaders even advocated for “slitting the throat of Whiteness.”

Picture here in America for a minute a scene like this. Kamala Harris leading an army of Antifa Communist soldiers to go into White towns, rape the women, murder innocent children, rob your home, riot, loot, burn down the cities, and if you don’t celebrate your life being ruined, call you a vile racist. Imagine the brigade of Black “Rappers” beating your car with a baseball bat and saying “Kill you White Raycis Cracka.” The cops were all disbanded because they were “White Supremacist” due to the fact that too many Blacks were in prison.

Does anyone want to live in a word like this? I know I don’t. The question I would pose however is this… “Where are the Conservatives?” You are likely to hear a member of Conservative INC such as Charlie Kirk, or Sean Hannity say that they aren’t “racist.” They love diversity and more minorities will vote Republican.

During the entire Trump Presidency, milk toast conservatism which cared more about free markets, and protecting the money of Jeff Bezos who by the way, opposed Trump.

Conservatives are never going to win if they keep focusing on the free market and avoid the cultural issues. The only reason Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney are elected is because they aren’t open and flaming anti-Whites.

They criticize so-called “White Nationalists” like former Congressman Steve King but if Republicans started to advocate for policies similar to that of David Duke when he ran for office, start talking about White Preservation like Duke did, or even pass policies approved by the overwhelming majority of Whites, Republicans would never have to worry about losing an election. The words “racist” and all the others will have no meaning and just fly off.

With all of this shilling for Blacks, Jews, Gays, and others, by the modern day conservative movement, they still voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden. I guess Turning Point USA’s Black Leadership summit failed after all. I guess Republicans defending Israel and calling any criticism of that country “anti-Semitic” sure worked out for their base. More Muslims actually voted for Trump than Jews which is the ultimate irony.

The only group that overwhelmingly votes Republican are White people. Not Blacks, not Jews, not Hispanics. In the South alone, over 90% of White Southerners vote Republican while the number is almost identical for Blacks with Democrats. Politics is a racial headcount at this point and the sooner people on the right wake up to that fact, the sooner more elections will be won.

In 2020, the Democrats stole the election, maintained the House, and flipped the Senate. This is mainly because of demographics and the smear campaign by the Cultural Marxists which have mastered the term “racist” to the point where they can get their entire way.

We need a force that is going to stand up to them and call them out directly to their face with all of this nonsense. In terms of these smears and attacks, shrug them off, and say “so what?” If a politician actually stood up for Whites, they would be carved on the mountain of Mount Rushmore.

If conservatives stopped running from these terms and just swatted them off to the side, they would gain the respect, and votes of Whites. Voters like politicians they can relate to. What is more relatable than having the same enemies in this current day and age? Being called the same slurs over and over again.

As soon as this happens, we can win again. We have to start meeting them on their turf, coming out of the shadows, overpowering them in terms of ideology, and not caving to the left on issues like gay marriage, diversity, immigration, abortion, or even the survival of our race.

The existence of European-Americans is non-negotiable and it is about time we all start thinking about how to dismantle these toxic labels because that is a big step in turning the tide in this struggle for survival.

Source: B.R. Chard

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