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The Multi-cultural Left’s Broad Definitions of ‘Racism’ — and Aggressive Tactics

Kevin MacDonald: The story of Bob Kellar, a city councilman in Santa Clarita, has been getting a lot of attention in Southern California. The LA Times (“’Proud racist’comment roils Santa Clarita”) describes the context:

The controversy stems from a Jan. 16 anti-immigration rally in Santa Clarita; Kellar spoke and referred to a statement by former President Theodore Roosevelt that the United States has a place for only one flag and one language.

Kellar said those remarks caused some people to accuse him of being racist to which he replied: If believing in America causes people to think he’s a racist, “then I’m a proud racist.”

What this really shows is that the left has a very low threshold for what constitutes racism among Whites. Advocating one flag and one language is not going to be enough to stave off White dispossession and is certainly not racist by any reasonable definition of the term. In this video interview, Kellar says “of course, I am not a racist. I am anything else but,” and then says he will continue to “do what’s right for all the people of this great nation.” Of course, the LA Time gets right in line by labeling Answer Coalition, the organization protesting Kellar, as “anti-racist.”

As the newspaper article makes clear, the focus is on illegal immigration, not immigration in general. Even opposition to illegal immigration becomes politically risky and likely to bring out aggressive protestors waving signs and pointing fingers. Advocating cultural assimilation becomes “racism” — the most deadly charge in contemporary American public life.

But of course, this tactic works. Politicians who value a peaceful life and good media coverage will certainly avoid talking like Bob Kellar.

What strikes me is the sheer aggression of the open borders crowd. In the past week my classes have been disrupted by student activists calling me a Nazi, claiming that I advocate genocide, and generally making life unpleasant. The reason for this renewed activism is my association with the American Third Position. This is a recording of Gustavo Arellano’s show on KPFK, January, 28. (KPFK-Radio Pacifica is a self-described “Progressive and Independent” station. Ironically, KPFK portrays itself as a staunch advocate of free speech.)

Arellano begins by baldly asserting that A3P and I advocate deportation of all non-Whites, including African Americans and every other group, legal or illegal, no matter how long they or their ancestors have been here. Not only that, he claims that A3P advocates suppression of all LBGT’s (lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender, for those not in the loop of leftist acronyms). (For  the record, my position is that gays and other sexual minorities have ethnic interests just like everyone else). For these supposed crimes, he advocates that I be fired from my academic position.

This is the summary A3P statement on immigration:

To safeguard our identity and culture, and to maintain the very existence of our nation, we will immediately put an indefinite moratorium on all immigration. Recognizing our people’s right to safety, and respecting the sanctity of the rule of law, we will immediately deport all criminal and illegal aliens. We believe, too, that American citizenship should be exclusive and meaningful. As such, the American Third Position will end the practice of automatic birthright-citizenship for children of illegal aliens. To restore, with civility, the identity and culture of our homeland, we will provide incentives for recent, legal immigrants to return to their respective lands.

This reflects my views. Pretty clearly, it does not advocate a blanket deportation of non-Whites. There is nothing in it that can reasonably be labeled as racist. Deporting illegal aliens is the official policy of the US government and I really don’t know why anyone would oppose deporting criminal aliens. Further, I have no doubt that this statement reflects the views of a strong majority of White Americans — even though they and their political representatives are terrified to say so publicly.

It’s obvious that the activist left cares nothing for the truth or accurate depictions of the ideas of those who disagree with them. But as long as it is effective, they will doubtless continue to do it.

I can’t help but point out the obvious: people like Arellano are ethnic activists for their own people but they would deny me the right to act on my ethnic interests or even to identify as a European-American. He has a strong ethnic identity as a Mexican. (His column “Ask a Mexican” runs in the Orange County Weekly.)

I am not at all surprised that he wants the best for his people, including getting as many of them as possible to become US citizens and to pursue political power here.

But people like me have ethnic interests too. It’s not about hate. It’s about conflicts of interest over the ethnic composition of the country. And even though politicians like Bob Kellar shy away from explicitly asserting their ethnic interests, they are tapping into a growing rage among White Americans that their country is being taken away from them. At this point it’s not possible to see where this rage will lead, but it will certainly make for interesting times.

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  1. American3P says:

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  2. American3P says:

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  3. GDS says:

    Quite humorous. The female leftist who is outraged that Professor MacDonald would be associated with an American political party that supports white ethnic nationalism, has the audacity to then ask if he supports the Palestinian right of return. 2010 young lady? Seems more like 1984.

  4. California Schemin&# says:

    Typical left-wing shenanigans. They're all for free speech- as long as it's on their terms. And it's also okay for a writer like Gustavo Arellano to write completely biased and unprofessional articles about people he doesn't like, such as Kevin Mac Donald. See, not only is Arellano a left-wing hypocrite, he's also Hispanic- which gives apparently gives him (and others like him) carte blanche to do and say whatever they want. I can't help but laugh when lefties go on about fairness and neutrality. Give me a breaki.

  5. First Time Visitor says:

    A3P. It has a nice ring to it. Let's be honest. Our two party system has ceased to function properly. This is the first political movement I have seen that acknowledges the de-facto censorship that exists in the media and in places of higher learning. I have so much to say but I think my effort my be better spent learning about this new party and perhap supporting it.

  6. Brayner says:

    A3P take over the house!

  7. The P.C. movement finds that bigoted character, and remarks should be squelched so no representation, and affirmation of White Americanism, is made.

    Autonomy of individual, race, and nation.

  8. j.t says:

    Although I am not an attorney, as a government employee I was forced to learn a great deal about law in order to protect my own interest and I did it so well that they had a hands off policey toward Me. One must remember that these communist are not very ken on the legal limits of thier conduct. I would suggest Professor MacDonald that if your emplyoer wishes you fired, to charge them thru your state attorney general with offcial oppression by an authority figure and or figures,have thier state and fed funds froze until they acquiesce.

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