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The Future of the American Right

I am writing this with the audience of everyone that is pro-White or right-wing in mind. To begin, I have a blunt fact to state. If the right keeps surrendering to the left on every social issue in order to prove they are not racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, and so forth, no one will support the right and the left will just keep winning.

Take a look at the 2020 election, Donald Trump kept trying to appease African-Americans with the “Platinum Plan” which would target White-Americans, he pandered to Jews again by supporting Israel at the expense of White-Americans, and his team tried to convince immigrant Mexicans to vote Republican. Where did all of that pay off? Trump still lost the non-White demographic and only improved slightly.

American Right

While the Democrats did manipulate this election, it was also the fault of several conservatives who chose to support the likes of Charlie Kirk or Ben Shapiro as opposed to James Edwards or Brad Griffin. These conservatives who kept obsessing over “Democrats are the real racists” ultimately failed to do anything for White America.

When was the last time a mainstream Republican figure said “Marriage was between a man or a woman?” When was the last time a Republican said “I am a White Populist and proud of it?” When was the last time a Republican even used the phrase “White working class,” or defended the rights and heritage of White Americans in this country? Never because they would be called racist by the controlled media and like the limp wristed cowards they are, they would completely apologize and condemn “White Supremacy” which doesn’t exist.

When I think of the right wing, I want to think about figures like William Johnson, David Duke, James Edwards, Paul Fromm, Earl Holt, and Brad Griffin. People who have actually stood up to fight for the rights and heritage of European-Americans. Not weak conservatives like Mitt Romney, Mark Sanford, Bill Weld, or the McCain family. All of these individuals now sound like moderate Democrats.

Most White Americans from flyover country are desperate for a candidate or political party that will stand up for them because they have been starved of that security and voice for so long. Have any of you stopped to think about the fact that a billionaire from New York managed to develop such a passionate following because he spoke for the forgotten White American man, woman, and child?

Brad Griffin has championed Louisiana Senator Huey Long who was the equivalent of Trump in the 1930s. Long was a champion of the White working man and embraced populist ideals. He was only killed by the establishment because he planned to put an end to their rule over the entire country.

Another man from Louisiana named David Duke ran for local office several times on platforms that spoke for the disenfranchised White working class. He wanted to secure our borders, stop the discrimination against White Americans, promote family values, protect gun rights, all of these goals should be important and prominent in the hearts and minds of everyone who identifies with the right.

Before Huey Long and David Duke, there was William Jennings Bryan who criss-crossed the country to fight for the average American who was drowned out by the elites. Big Business was so worried about him winning that they donated in mass to William McKinley to stop a Bryan presidency kind of like what happened this election with all the big corporations bowing down to Biden.

These same elites are taking over the country and looking down at working class Whites from their ivory towers and now, the Republican is trying to become like the Democratic party but from 10 years ago. What does the Republican party represent anymore? Tax cuts for the liberal Wall Street class who support politicians like Hillary Clinton?

We need a rebirth and revival of White populism. We need actual political leaders who won’t just sit there appeasing liberals. This country needs a populist party that is willing to stand up and fight for the White working class again. One that will secure the border, one that will stop the anti-White agenda proposed by Democrats, one that will stop sending troops to fight in wars that are not being fought for America’s security.

We need a new revival and a resurgence of candidates and leaders who will inspire our people to reach for the stars. We must do it for America and by extension, the rest of Western Civilization.

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  1. James K Polk says:

    This is exactly what I have been thinking for many years. The conservatives failed completely as always compromising as the left inched closer and closer. And white people are actually to blame for this mess by abandoning principles and morals passed down for centuries. The Right must make an organized move to start to retake the culture of our European heritage back.

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