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The American Alt-Right and Donald Trump

The Chair of American Freedom Party and Trump supporter says an ethnically white state must form to save civilization

Jews should “give self-reflection to what has caused anti-Semitism and work to overcome that” in themselves, American white nationalist activist William Johnson told i24news in an interview on Wednesday.

Johnson, chair of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, is a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has accused of giving racist ideologues an unprecedented platform.

Trump has drawn support from the hyper-nationalist, anti-minority “alt-right” movement in the US, and some critics say the presidential hopeful has not been sufficiently aggressive in distancing himself from it. Critics also say his and his supporters’ use of rhetoric blasting “globalism” and “international elites” are reminiscent of anti-Semitic tropes.

In one incident cited by critics, Trump retweeted a post from a Twitter account called WhiteGenocideTM. He has also retweeted a quote by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini posted on a parody account called IlDuce2016.

But Johnson told i24news that the alt-right has two divergent groups – one anti-Semitic, the other not anti-Semitic.

“But I think you’ll find that in any group,” including Democrats and Republicans, Johnson said.

The white supremacy activist explained that he supports Trump because of a dramatic shift in direction worldwide “away from globalism and towards nationalism.”

Johnson said he is not anti-Semitic and supports Jews in what he said is their conflict with Arabs.

Asked whether he envisioned Jews and other minorities leaving the US, Johnson said he thought there would have to be “some steps taken to create a white ethno state somewhere” in order to save Western civilization and “the white race” from extinction.

He further said that anti-Semitism exists as an undercurrent everywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, Johnson added, Jews are abandoning globalism in favor of nationalism.

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