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Ten Inspirational Quotes From Sam Dickson’s Speech at 2013 NPI Conference

Dan Poole | The bulk of the National Policy Institute conference took place yesterday, as all the scheduled speakers gave their much-anticipated speeches. While the question of who gave the best speeches is inherently subjective, in this writers humble opinion, Sam Dickson and Alex Kurtagic really sizzled.

Dickson’s speech was titled, America: The god that failed. It consisted of scathing critiques of individualism and individual freedom, both of which are core values of Tea Partiers and libertarians. Here are 10 quotes from Dickson’s speech that should serve as a source of inspiration for those in the shadows who are appalled at what the United States of America has become:

  1. “By virtue of being born in America, we are men without a country.”
  2. “No man is created equal.”
  3. “There are no inalienable rights. God did not give people inalienable rights any more than he made us equal. It is just beyond belief that anyone would believe anything so silly.”
  4. “Most (European) immigrants came here only to get material wealth.”
  5. “Britain was the freest country on earth in 1776.”
  6. “America is almost entirely a Whig country.”*
  7. “Tea Partiers can’t conceive their country surviving without freedom.”
  8. “A horrifying, diabolical speech; a monstrous mentality” – On the Gettysburg Address.
  9. “Freedom and individualism ultimately makes us men without a country.”
  10. “I am an American. America is where you make your buck.” –A quote that Dickson heard from a German immigrant when he was a young teenager


*The Whig Party was the liberal, anti-establishment, radical reformist party in Britain between 1678 and 1868. Edmund Burke, widely considered a “conservative,” was a Whig.

To Dickson, America is the god of individualism, equality, maximum individual liberty, and other “Enlightenment” concepts that, ever since their first experimentations during the American and French Revolutions, have proven self-destructive to Western Civilization as we know it.

Sam DicksonA self-described racial communitarian who abides by the ancient Greek moto, “one man, no man,” Dickson introduced his speech by stating his belief that communities need to be racially and culturally the same. While he did say that he himself is an American, and that he has “proprietary feelings” towards the U.S., it’s obvious that he doesn’t believe the United States belongs to Whites anymore.

For the purposes of his speech, he referred to America as “our country,” which is to say that we at the NPI conference were born here and live here. For whatever its worth, all of Dickson’s ancestors except one German immigrant can be traced back to before the Revolutionary War. Therefore, Dickson is a founding stock American, not the product of the Ellis Island melting pot.

As can be derived from the above quotes, Dickson is anti-individualism and anti-libertarian, which is to say he’s pro-community and pro-order. In his speech, Dickson argued that separating from Mother England in the 1770s was a grave mistake. He noted that all his colonial ancestors supported the American Revolution.

He took the critique of America a step further by arguing that “the Reformation bought many bad things,” two of which he identified as opposition to hierarchy (specifically that of the Roman Catholic Church), and individualism as manifested by the Protestant ethic. Protestantism was the founding religion of America in both Massachusetts (the Puritans) and Virginia (the East Anglicans). He argued that both these groups of settlers, particularly the Puritans, had an unjustified grudge against their mother country.

In regards to massive European immigration of the late 1800s and early 1900s, Dickson thinks that these immigrants didn’t have a connection with their communities in their native homelands, whether that be Ireland, Poland, Germany, etc. Money and “freedom” mattered more to them than community. According to him, the immigrants of Ellis Island had no commitment at all to Anglo-Saxon values.

Interestingly, Dickson made it clear that he is not “anti-freedom,” per say. It’s just that “courage, loyalty, marital fidelity, etc.,” are also key values, not just freedom. Moreover, freedom to the average American means individual freedom, not collective freedom. He supports collective freedom, whereas he believes individual freedom is a “corrosive acid.”

He said that, by Tea Party standards, there is more individual freedom today than there was when he was born. But to him, individual freedom is destructive to community and to the natural organic relationships that allow unique groups everywhere to survive and thrive. He didn’t really define collective freedom, but suffice to say that he is very much against the Tea Party worship of maximum individual freedom.

Despite being a native-born Southerner of colonial stock, Dickson made clear near the end of his speech that he doesn’t have much use for the mantra of “States’ Rights.” He told the audience that if you are really against the very idea of a central government and want a decentralized system of states’ rights, then move to Congo.

He closed his speech by comparing White Americans, particularly Tea Partiers and other conservatives/libertarians, to abused children. He thinks that all the shows of “patriotism,” such as flag-waving at parades and rallies, are the behaviors of children trying to impress and please their abusive daddy. He called out Southerners for jumping in to support the military despite being the most hated group of Whites in America.

Sooner or later, says Dickson, Whites living in this land must realize that daddy is mean, daddy hates you, and daddy is abusing you for his own gain and profit. We shouldn’t try fruitlessly to impress daddy, we should kick him to the curb by releasing ourselves from the oppressive chains of American identity.

Further coverage of the NPI conference will be posted soon.

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