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State of the Union Speech

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

It was truly refreshing to after eight years to hear a presidential address that was not highlighted by Me, I, Me, I, Me, I for its entirety. Trump gave an excellent speech about one hour and twenty minutes, it was his best to date; he seems to me to have covered all bases on major issues. There were no, as touted by various talking head presstitutes, any particular changes in policy and he did not as some said start a war with North Korea. The president was interrupted with applause 120 times. The theme might best be articulated with; “America First”, “Fair Trade not Free Trade” “Americans are Dreamers too” (Which Pelosi said was racist), and “In God we trust” which Pelosi did not understand. Some personal observations are: the democrats in general were rude in behavior, Nancy Pelosi went further with comments to her progressive caucus, during the speech, to look sourer, disappointed and to scowl at every opportunity. I would sure like to hear how much Nancy and her billionaire husband’s tuna company is giving back to their employees, just kidding, Nancy’s wealth is up almost 30% in the Trump economy, no progressive ever shares their good luck with mere employees, not even crumbs. Notable was the congressional Black and Hispanic caucuses lack of enthusiasm for the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment rate ever recorded. It was as if they were disjointed that their fellow citizens were better off with Trump than they had been with Obama, which of course they are. The progressive mantra is to keep the poor, poor and on welfare because they make excellent vote fodder.

To sum it up, the progressives especially were despondent that virtually every statistic under Trump had improved beyond their disappointing 8-year Obama administration performance. Frankly they are just sore losers and political ideologues that have little or no interest in the citizens or country and whose only real attentiveness is staying in congress, something that will not take place if they continue to relentlessly oppose every idea and program and suggestion offering nothing themselves. The democrats by their actions and response to the speech have institutionalized themselves as the do nothing, offer nothing, and oppose everything party, or simply the NO party, which is not a prescription for reelection. It is in fact a policy of institutionalizing failure. It is obvious that they want to keep everyone down.

Notable was the absence of 12 Democrat legislators who were just too upset with Trump’s presidency to attend to the peoples business, which is not just rude, it is a sign of stupidity, if you are not even willing to listen to your opponent and the man who holds the highest office in the land, then how will you ever negotiate anything to your possible advantage? Obviously these 12 have not read the “Art of the Deal” and missed out on the Constitution to boot.

Major noted concerns, of his first year in office, articulated by the president included: 2.4-million new jobs, rising wages for all Americans for the first time in decades, unemployment at a 45-year low, African and Hispanic Americans’ employment level at the highest level ever recorded, Capital markets up $4-trillion in just one year, the doubling of IRS child deduction, and the elimination from income taxes for the first $24,000 for filing couples, the elimination of the odious individual mandate in Obamacare which fined anyone not opting for Obamacare, tax cuts for millions of Americans to commence in February of 2018, 3-million Americans in the private sector getting bonuses and the investment by Apple and Exxon Mobile of over $350 billion in new American factories hiring thousands of new workers. Toyota, Mazda and Chrysler also building new plants in America.

He spoke of the VA and the fact that employment rules had been changed allowing supervisors for the first time in history to fire bad workers, 1,500 have to date been terminated. As a VA customer this has been a major issue in the system for decades and was badly needed. His most audacious act on which he did not dwell is the elimination of hundreds of regulations imposed by Obama that were stifelling the economy some so foolish as to require 10-years of paperwork filings in order to start to build a road. The elimination of these regulations has allowed the private sector to bloom and the capital markets to blossom. He addressed the FDA probably the worst agency of government that is responsible through collusion with big-pharma of drug price rigging on average 40% higher than in Europe and 30% higher than in Canada that he would force lower drug prices and allow terminally sick patients access to experimental drugs if they so desired. He spoke about the opioid epidemic and my wife informed me that’s what all those purple ribbons on the progressive’s jackets are. This is perfectly understandable, they never do anything they just protest everything. Meaningless gestures produce no results! He spoke of the unfair trade deals that in my case resulted in the closing of my manufacturing plant.

He then spoke of a major issue that the Democrats repeatedly brought up under Obama but never enacted, they did pass a stimulus, which they said would be used for infrastructure improvement, but every penny went to the banksters that so generously gave Hillary $25-million for her try at elected office. I was astounded when all the Democrats sat there, like bumps on logs, not applauding the very thing that they had championed for eight years, but did not enact. The $1.5-trillion Trump infrastructure plan is a risk because it adds to the deficit, but we will see how much government income rises as more people work and fewer draw benefits.

The president spoke of paid family leave one of the centerpieces of the progressive movement not one Democrat applauded. He spoke of reforming our penal system another leftist icon, especially by blacks, no reaction! Improving vocational education, dead silence from the Dems. He addressed MS-13 the most violent illegal foreign gang that mostly preys on Hispanics the reaction of the Hispanic caucus was disappointing, one would think that theses congressmen and senators were pleased with MS-13 behavior and murders.

On immigration reform, which everyone accepts as a national necessity, I actually heard Nancy make derogatory comment. I simply am unable to understand why Chuck and Nancy remain as the head of the DNC machine. Trump introduced a comprehensive plan that should have bi-partisan support because it gives the progressive virtually everything they want and more: but remember they said, “We will not support anything this president proses”

  • 1.5-million Dreamers 700,000 more than as proposed by progressives in the last administration are to have a path to citizenship in 12 years.
  • The government will fund a wall on our southern border.
  • Illegal border crossers “Catch and Release” will be ended.
  • The visa lottery not based on immigrant value will be ended.
  • Future immigration permission will be based on merit and value to America.
  • Chain migration as it exists will end only immediate family will be allowed.

Then he said this has been an ongoing unsolved problem for 30-years and that it is high time for congress to get to work and pass an immigration reform bill. “Put America First and finally get it done,” he said.

On terrorism the president said that the Caliphate had lost its home in Syria and Iraq, and he would keep Guantanamo open. On North Korea he used two families and one North Korean refugee to illustrate how evil this government is.

The response to the address by the president was made by five separate individuals, including Bernie Sanders a socialist, and Maxine Water (on BBC) a qualified buffoon. The chosen by Schumer and Pelosi Party respondent was Joe Kennedy III. Apparently Chuck and Nancy have not yet figured out that Americans are sick and tired of these dynastic families and want no more of the Kennedys, Bushes, Roosevelt’s etc. Regardless the grand son of the man who Murderd Mary Jo Kopechne who was his grandfather’s secretary was not mentioned, neither was the fact that Teddy Kennedy is the fool who was responsible for this entire immigration mess. Joe’s presentation was in a vocational HS gym and his audience was about 120 HS students and teachers, good thing too, anyone of educational prominence would have walked out after the first ten minutes. Joe, who appeared to have smeared his face with Vaseline, is the most boering, inarticulate speaker of this century. He rumbled on for some time before we could not take any more. My wife and I are convinced that Joe lives in alternate universe because his discourse had no relevance in this time and he did not respond to a single issue the president had addressed. As someone said; “Joe you are no JFK”

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