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SPLC Defends Violent Left-wing Anarchist Gang Members

SPLC admits that the ARA/Antifa, a left-wing group they have been actively promoting on their website, engages in serious mob violence. However, they romanticize the violence and never explicitly condemn it. The SPLC praises the gang as a “constructive force,” and downplays the gang’s violence.

A permit was obtained to hold a rally at the State Capital building in Sacramento. The rally became violent this past weekend. Multiple people were stabbed as 30 members of Traditionalist Worker Party and Golden State Skinheads as 200 extreme left-wing anarchists became violent. Many had Mexican flags. These violent protesters have been promoted by the SPLC for years.

Sacramento 2016

For a while now the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been actively promoting this violent gang network known as ARA/Antifa. The SPLC website posts interviews with the gangs leaders, who are portrayed as righteous good guys, and posts links to the gangs main US website. The website that the SPLC has been promoting has a thirteen year history of promoting and encouraging violence. The webmaster was present at the scene of a violent felony attack on a conservative activist in Pennsylvania last year. The webmaster was also part of a recent demonstration against the American Renaissance conference, in which two people held signs explicitly glorifying murder.

Sacramento Protest 2016

These are the hateful signs that the purveyors of "tolerance" brought to the conference. Credits: Photo:

Even after SPLC spokesman Mark Potok told the media that the gang network “did more harm than good,” the SPLC website has continued to promote them.

The headline article in the SPLC’s new “Intelligence Report” is a shout out to ARA/Antifa. ARA, which stands for Anti-Racist Action, and Antifa are umbrella names for a large international network of violent Marxist gangs. The network includes gangs with patched members, as well as casual participants. The SPLC openly admits that the group is violent and commits mob attacks. The SPLC says the violence by the network “goes back decades.” However the SPLC refuses to condemn them. The SPLC romanticizes them as “flawed freedom fighters,” and says they are a “constructive force.”

While admitting that the ARA/Antifa gang network is violent, the SPLC only mentions physical assaults. There have also been multiple murders and attempted murders committed by members of the gang network.

Should there be a Nationalist rally to protest the left-wing social justice warriors at the SPLC in Montgomery, Alabama? Stay tuned.

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