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“Soft Communists” Target Trump for Resignation, or Worse

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Communist’s takeover of Russia. That horrific regime was responsible for the death and enslavement of hundreds of millions of people worldwide for most of the 20th century.

The bloody coup was not some spontaneous uprising by ordinary Russian citizens. Rather it was organized and backed by wealthy financiers, primarily from New York and several western European cities.

Are we now experiencing the same type of left-wing coup?

soft communists

This same group of elite leftists has been working to oust Donald Trump from office since he was sworn in last January. In the past five months, the public has been bombarded with Fake News stories daily to that end.

The organized Left has also engaged in a consistent campaign of violence against those who elected him in November 2016: Disorderly protests nationwide, firebombing of campaign offices, and the recent attempted assassination of Republican Congressmen by a Bernie Sanders volunteer.

The Left in America, like the Communists in Russia, only believe in free speech when it supports their agenda. Their false invocation of constitutional rights is at best laughable.

In the former Soviet Union, critics of that leftist totalitarian regime were routinely subjected to violent reprisals. The “Soft Communists” in America: Democrat Party, controlled media and much of academia, have been and will continue to stifle the will of patriotic citizens.

AFP Members have been participating in rallies across the country this year in support of President Trump’s agenda, especially on the immigration issue. As always, we’re looking for new members and candidates to work on behalf of our people. We must defeat the Soft Communists to Make America Great Again!

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