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The ‘Hate’ Hoax Industry

The ‘Hate’ Hoax Industry

Viktor Orban

Immigration is Surrender, We Need Children

Muslim Community Patrol Car

New York’s “Muslim Community Patrol” Has New York Residents Suspicious And Worried

Maxine Waters AFR

Antifa Activist Facing Assault Charges Was Tied to Democratic Policymakers

Corey Booker Hitler

Could We Please Stop Comparing Everything to Hitler?

Black Serial Killers

Black Serial Murderers

splc Office

SPLC Hires High-Powered Defamation Lawyer to Defend Tax-Exempt Status in RICO Lawsuit

Jose Alcoff

DC Antifa Leader Charged With ‘Ethnic Intimidation’ Related To Attack On Marines

Trump holds rally in Alabama

NO Polite Word For It!

Racist Workshop

Missouri School Ponders White-only Racism Workshop

White Trash

Left Gives “White Trash” Racial Slur A Pass

Democrats Worried About Security for Super Bowl But Not About Security for Country!

Democrats Worried About Security for Super Bowl But Not About Security for Country!

Steven King

Honorable Steve King (R. Iowa)

Tom Kawczynski

The Censor’s Handbook

james fields

Left Gives “White Trash” Racial Slur a Pass

James Watson

Nobel Laureate Vilified by Science-Deniers

Creep Show

CREEP SHOW: Pelosi and Schumer Freak Out Viewers… Blank Stares, Scowls and Crazy Eyes

Europe Gun Ownership

Gun Ownership Soars in Europe Amid Migrant Crisis

"Racially Motivated Hate Drive-By" Backfires

“Racially Motivated Hate Drive-By” Backfires

Antifa DC

Antifa Arrested as Right-Wingers Rally for James Fields and Nationalists


Man Accused of Raping Goat in Malawi – Claims He Asked Goat For Permission

Antifa TN

Antifa Aims to Create “No-Go Zones” For Conservatives In Nashville


Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed

Drug Crisis

Opioid Crisis Leaves 700,000 Americans Dead: “Epidemic Continues To Worsen And Evolve”

Hank Johnson

America’s Dumbest Democrat Tells NAACP Members: Trump Supporters Are Stupid, Poor, Dying From Alcoholism, Drug Overdoses

Hate Hoax

10 Wild Hoax Crimes of 2018

Mexican Border Wall - No Chain Migration

‘If We Cut Off Federal Funding for Refugee Contractors We Would Have a Down Payment For The Wall!’

Nancy Pelosi

65 Countries Have Erected Fences on Their Borders, Why Can’t We?

Roy Moore

Cybersecurity Expert: It Looks Like Twitter and Facebook Were Complicit in Bot Campaign Against Roy Moore

White Nationalist Candidates

All The White Nationalists Who Ran For Office In 2018

Viktor Orban

Hungary’s Orban: Bringing Africa’s Problems to Europe Will ‘Destroy 2,000-year-old Culture’

Boycott Israel

Will Congress Ban Boycotts of Israel?

Antifa Marine Attack

U.S. Marine Describes Attack By Alleged Antifa Activists


Former U.S. Attorney General Recommends RICO Investigation Against Antifa

Tom Keenan

Antifa Accused Of Attacking Marines In Philadelphia Has Ties To DC’s Radical Antifa Leader

Jose Alcoff

Revealed: Antifa Leader Relied On Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda


Schools Ordered to Teach Eight-Year-Olds That ‘Boys Can Have Periods Too’

Julian von Abele

US Columbia Student Slandered as Racist After Saying “I Love White People”


Russia Has Risen Like the Phoenix Amid US Decline

Ann Coulter and Right Wing Violence

Ann Coulter Slams Democratic Party for “Hating White Men”

Europe is Finished

‘Europe is Finished,’ Leading Jewish Lawyer Says as he Leaves UK for Israel

Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban Defends Hungarian Magazine Accused of Antisemitism