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Russian News Interviews Merlin Miller

Moskovsky Komsomolets | America leans to a third position.

U.S. presidential candidate Merlin Miller: “We are a republic, not an empire to oversee the entire world”

Everyone knows that the U.S. presidency is being contested by a Democrat, Obama and a Republican, Romney. But besides this pair there are many parties with ambitions to occupy the White House, from the ultra left to the ultra right plus independent candidates of all stripes. The American 3rd Position is one such party and “MK” interviewed its leader.

The name of the party, founded in 2010 to oppose the loss of rights of the white population and to oppose immigration and globalization, brings to my mind the fillipic Ostap Bendar address to I.M. Vorobyaninov about his “becoming now the third position”.

To understand as much as possible of the nuances of the party system I spoke with Merlin Miller, a [film] director and a [film] producer among other things, known for his radical views on the national question, criticism of Hollywood and for his recent much talked about meeting with Iranian President M. Ahmhadinijhad.

“Andrei, I have a lot of respect for Russia and hope to visit your country soon” the candidate told me. I never got around to asking what he felt about his chances, but I think he has a sensibly realistic outlook on the election. Some of his statements are arguable for sure and, I must admit, after talking with him my view of how powerful and all-encompassing political correctness is in America was shaken just a little.

Q: Interesting name for your party – what exactly is the “Third Position”?

A: The party got its name before I joined. It represents a third way for American politics in contrast to the positions of the Democratic and Republican parties. We are considering changing the name after the upcoming elections.

Q: It is clear why you wouldn’t be happy with President Obama, but what don’t you like about Romney?

A: Obama is carrying out a ruinous, wasteful socialist program, not having put an end to the wars and Romney would bring us into new wars for Israel without considering the enormous cost. Both of these parties will bankrupt America and neither will change the course of the preceding administration. In my opinion, both parties support a destructive policy that serves the interests of the globalists and the interests of the new world order – banks and multinational corporations. They do not support American sovereignty or our constitution.

Q: You and others with your opinion do not like immigration to the U.S., but your country was created by immigrants. Isn’t that a problem?

A: America was founded and built in the main by people of European heritage. Until the mid-sixties of the last century we, people of European background, made up 90% of the population. Now it is 65% and it is projected that in 30 years we will be in the minority. We do not have a responsible immigration policy, we have an invasion. If it is not stopped it will destroy the national identity and character of America. I am not against immigration per se, but want a rational policy that serves the interests of American-born citizens.

Q: Your party material refers to “restoration of the interests of the white majority”. What do you mean by this?

A: Neither of the ruling parties today defends the interests of the white majority. The immigration invasion is a serious threat in itself, but, as well, there is an official policy of discrimination against whites( equal opportunity programs, quotas, mandates and so on) which promotes the interests of minorities to the harm of those of the majority. Besides this, the Zionist controlled (SMI) regularly attacks traditional values and interests of the white majority in the service of the interests of those with alternative lifestyles and minorities who are always portrayed unrealistically as examples of wisdom and valor. I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against, yet discrimination is directed at the white majority of America, the people who made this country what it is. The white majority is quickly losing influence and becoming weaker.

Q: What would an ideal America be like?

A: For me, the ideal America would be an America which observes its traditions and remains true to our Constitution and Bill of rights. It would be a country which limits the power of government and respects the sovereignty of the individual and of the states, resulting in the greatest possible freedom and productivity.

Q: You call your one of your foreign policy positions “anti-interventionism”. What does that mean?

A: Anti-interventionism means we are “minding our own business” and we will not intervene in the affairs of other countries. We are a republic, not an empire ruling the world and trying to bend all to our will. Instead we should be concerned with America; we can convince others by our example, not by force…

Info: Andrew Yashlavsky (English Translation)

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