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Refugees — ‘Let them all into Europe!’ says Israeli Holocaust Survivor

An Israeli Holocaust Survivor thinks Europe is a suitable dumping ground for all the world’s refugees. “This is because Europe is guilty of killing six million Jews. So this is a chance for Europe to redeem itself by accepting every single refugee in the Third World as a punishment for its past crimes.”

Amid all the public consternation and media propagandizing over the ongoing invasion of Europe by millions of Africans and Asians, and the similar invasion of the United States from the south—now conveniently overshadowed by the “refugee” ruse—there is one developed country that could accept the refugees, yet refuses with impunity to do so. That nation is Israel.

International Jewry Israel Anti-Immigration ProtestWhile international Jewry actively promotes the genocidal infiltration of traditionally white countries by unending masses of foreigners, the Zionist state somehow is permitted to reject “diversity” and “multiculturalism” without complaint. Both actions are justified by resorting to the worn-out canard of the so-called “holocaust,” a Jewish incantation designed to close off all rational discussion.

It is true that Jewish opinion on the topic of immigration and the “refugee crisis” seems divided, roughly between more liberal internationalist Jews and increasingly alarmist Jewish nationalists, i.e., Zionists. But the common thread to both is a rejection of the right of white peoples to unique national and cultural identities. The Jewish groups’ differences are more apparent than real.

While the internationalists claim unlimited acceptance of foreigners is an “obligation” of the invaded countries, the vast majority are silent about any such obligation for Israel. The Zionists, on the other hand, screech that Israel will lose its claimed “Jewish” identity if non-Jewish foreigners are accepted into the artificially created Zionist state, while stridently demanding that white countries allow themselves to be overrun with those same foreigners.

Increasingly, however, the Zionists kvetch that the millions of purported “refugees” in Europe—actually, mostly economic migrants and jihadists—are importing “anti-Semitism” and “anti-democratic” behaviors. Some commentators, however, see in this both typical Jewish paranoia and a cynical ploy to deflect blame for the white genocide they have promoted.

For example, Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, originally pontificated that Germany could refuse no invader because of the alleged crimes of National Socialism. But once rioting, rape, and other evils became rampant, he changed his tune. The migrants, he mused, “come from cultures in which hate toward Jews and intolerance are fixed components. . . . Don’t only think about the Jews. Think about equal rights for women and the treatment of homosexuals.”

Meanwhile, Jewish billionaire George Soros and his ilk have been funding the foreign invasion of both Europe and the U.S. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith International long have promoted open borders in those regions as some sort of magical “duty” of whites, because Jews allegedly were gassed to death at Auschwitz. This, even while Israel commits genocide against Palestinians.

On November 19, the taxpayer-funded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum decreed: “Acutely aware of the consequences to Jews who were unable to flee Nazism, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum looks with concern upon the current refugee crisis. While recognizing that security concerns must be fully addressed, we should not turn our backs on the thousands of legitimate refugees.”
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But while Jews like Barbara Lerner Spectre spearhead “multiculturalism” in Europe and America—“and Jews will be resented because of our leading role,” she says—Jews in Israel also promote the demise of white civilization, while persecuting the foreigners who attempt immigration to the Zionist state.

IsraAID, an Israeli non-governmental organization funded in part by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, actively assists Africans and Middle Easterners to enter Greece and cross Europe to Germany. While sighing about the “rights” of the “refugees,” the organization shows no such concern for the rights of the invaded peoples. IsraAID provides supplies and “counseling” to the aliens in Greece and along the Balkan route to Central Europe.

The Israeli government, however, shows the greatest hostility to non-Jews who try to enter Israel, calling them “infiltrators.” They have even enlisted Egypt as an accomplice. Egyptian forces shot and killed 16 Sudanese immigrants attempting to cross the Sinai into Israel on November 15 and murdered five more on November 23. Some of the victims may have been armed radicals, but it is unlikely that all were.

Israeli “Nuremberg laws” require DNA tests from potential immigrants to assure their Jewish racial purity, while non-Jews are barred—behavior for which other races would be excoriated. Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his state will not accept any Syrian refugees—even if Christian or Jewish, apparently. In September, construction was begun on new sections of a network of walls and fences designed to completely encircle the Zionist state, keeping out native Palestinians and foreigners, as well as creating the largest Jewish ghetto in the world.

The Israeli government has no problem shipping asylum seekers in Israel to white countries, however. While it keeps “infiltrators” confined in the Negev desert, it arranged in 2014, for example, to send a group of unwanted Eritreans to Sweden, where criminal “refugees” are responsible for massive crime and rape statistics.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has met with Google and YouTube representatives to plot the censorship of Palestinian videos that reveal the true extent of Israeli savagery toward Palestine’s native people.

Where is the outrage?

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