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Pro-White Rallies Organized Across The Globe For March

Kyle Hunt is a man on a mission. Mr. Hunt is one of the leading organizers of the White Man March, scheduled for March 15, 2014, and is also the host of “Blitzkrieg Broadcast” on the Renegade Broadcasting network.

The White Man March “will involve coordinated pro-white activity around the world,” Hunt explained to this reporter. “The purpose is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that white people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction. One of the major goals of the White Man March is to demonstrate that pro-white people are able to form a united front and participate in large-scale action simultaneously, which will send a powerful message to our supporters, our enemies and those of our race who are still on the fence.

”The White Man March aims to set a precedent that other pro-white organizations and activists can follow in the future, Hunt stated.

“We are encouraging people to start networking together now to coordinate local events or to join up with larger regional events,” Hunt explained. “If there are only a few people in a location, they can hang up a banner, hand out fliers and strike up conversations.

”Hunt and other organizers of the White Man March hope that activists participating in the day’s events will film or photograph their activities in order to spread the message on social media, blogs, and YouTube.

When asked what main political and cultural statements the White Man March aims to make, Hunt elaborated:

“We are planning to show that white people are organized and impassioned, that we know what the anti-white agenda is all about, and that we are dedicated to waking up as many of our folk as possible. We will make it clear that we will not sit idly by as whites are discriminated against, mocked, displaced and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide, according to the United Nations’ own definition of genocide. This is why one of our big messages, which will be displayed on many large banners, is ‘Diversity Equals White Genocide.’ These banners will spread the message to the public at large in the most effective way possible. This ‘diversity’ agenda is being directed at white countries (and only at white countries) with various programs to ensure that there are less white people at schools and in the work force, which is unfair and discriminatory, taking away money and opportunities from the indigenous white people. ‘Diversity’ is a codeword for white genocide.”

“We will also be showing that the old stereotypes about pro-white activists are false,” he said. “The media would like people to believe that pro-whites are all Klansmen, neo-Nazis, skinheads and the like, which discourages many white people from becoming advocates of their own interests. We will be showing that many pro-whites are well-educated, attractive and respectable people who are concerned about the future they and their families are facing.

”Many Americans, due to indoctrination and propaganda, assume that white interests are well represented and championed in American society, and accept the “white privilege” meme that has emanated from leftist circles and become mainstream in recent years.

FAR Overpass Project“Whites are so ‘privileged’ and ‘well represented’ in our society that we aren’t even able to organize as white people, advocate for our interests, and have pride in ourselves,” Hunt explained. “If a group of white people does stand up for its race, they are automatically called racists, bigots, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, haters, and a slew of other pejoratives intended to discredit them.

”Hunt noted the utter hypocrisy and double standards in racial politics in America today.“All of the other races, except white people, are able to have pride in their heritage and form groups exclusive to their people,” he said. “Why can’t we?”

“We are struggling against the deliberate extermination of our race by an alien hostile elite that has hijacked almost all of our institutions,” concluded Hunt. “This criminal cabal is using everything at their disposal, including ‘third world’ immigrants and other non-whites, to eradicate white people from the face of the Earth. We are faced with a daunting task, but we must prevail, so as to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

[Source: D.J. Anderson]

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