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The Political Dialogue Today

By Dr. A. H. Krieg | While I probably knew it all along, I have come to a clear understanding of the anomalous way that people of this century form their opinions. When I was a youth, news came from books, newspapers, radio and magazines. News agencies were neutral and did not try to politically influence their readers and listeners. I guess that lets you know I’m an old codger. Things began to change after WWII, when the media realized through the efforts of Dr. Goebbels and then after the war, the Tavistock Institute just how simple it was for the government using “Lamestream media” to control a society.

Today, in the 21st century the media and government have a political objective. They desire to control the political dialogue, and through the use of every available propaganda means, direct the people to the political and social ends that they want.

This really came to light for me in the last few weeks through conversations and meetings. Virtually all of the people with whom I spoke expressed their opinions in short bumper sticker slogans, which I immediately recognized as coming from one of three sources, the DNC or RNC, and Government, as expressed by the TV media outlets that they watched. I can at this point tell you for whom they will vote based solely on what TV channels that they subscribe to watching. Needless to say all the news sources produce the same crap at the same time, using the same or similar language, provided to them by the New world Order.

The Democrats have expanded their efforts mostly through personal attacks on individuals, or slander from the house and senate floor, whose speakers are immune from slander laws, when speaking from Congress. Senator Harry Reid (D. Nevada) is the poster boy for this effort. I have also become aware that the political left, as were their communist forbearers are the most active and abrasive. As a non-member of either Republocrat Party I really don’t have a ball in this game, I am but an observer.

The Hegelian Dialectic as expounded by the German Philosopher Friedrich Hegel has been used by the political left especially the communists, ever since Karl Marx used it in furthering his theory. The dialectic is simply a means used as a framework to channel thoughts and ideas to a predetermined solution. In other words the dialectic is a clever way to guide and direct debate, thereby to force a predetermined outcome of an event. The use of this diabolical system by news agencies is controlling the national political debate. It is a truly totalitarian effort that is in basis undemocratic and Marxist. To this effort they have added the propaganda omission of information, which has been most apparent in the Benghazi and IRS investigations, while Fast and Furious has been swept into the dark hole of historic omission.

The new whipping boys for the DNC, Dingy Harry, and the progressives are David and Charles Koch, the Koch brothers, whose names are always mispronounced. Harry Reid calls them the world’s greatest polluters and the world’s wealthiest men. On the list of the worlds wealthiest, they are number 12. Bill Gates who is number one is a huge DNC contributor, as are Tim Gill, George Soros, both give more and exclusively to the DNC and leftist causes. And then, to set things right the DNC has more millionaires and billionaires as funders than any other political party. The Democrats are the party of the rich. The DNC just had a dinner at $35,000 per plate in LA in which speakers lauded the Democrats for inclusion of the masses, we all do understand that that’s more for dinner than most Americans earn. In the 2012 election cycle three-quarters of all DNC funding $61 million was for amounts over $250,000 per contributor, only 5% of DNC funding came from contributions under $ 100,000. And as far as pollution goes – the US government out-pollutes the Koch brother’s business enterprises by over 3000 times.

The lists all the political organizations and left wing causes that George Soros funds, a full list is on the Internet. 189 listed beneficiaries of Soros money, eight of which are affiliates of the Soros networks. The list of names is absolutely diabolical; almost every one of them has a patriotic or neutral name, “Center for Progressive Leadership”, “The Urban Institute”, “The Sojourners”, “The Secretary of State Project”, and so forth. Even the pro-homosexual, and anti-Christian SPLC is on the list. If it’s on the political left, or is communist or socialist, Soros has his greasy fingers in it.

The new development in this century has been the climate as a weapon for social and political control. Socialists long ago, in the last century found out that they could not sell socialism to Americans. They developed a four-point strategy, which has been with help of the “Lamestream Media,” very successful. 1) Education had to be federalized and totally top down controlled, the last step in that is Core education. 2) They had to develop some means that could be employed to control society, manufacture, and every other sector of society, “Global Warming”, was it. When it was then revealed that the earth climate had actually fallen in every of the last 15 years they changed it to “Climate Change”. 3) They had to convince the population that the economy under their control was actually improving, and that they therefore should all, be re-elected. 4) Healthcare has to be nationalized because it allows government control of the population (Obamacare).

The third point has been bought hook line and sinker by Democrats, environmentalists, and educators, or as some say, low information voters. This is done through misinformation of government provided statistics. Through the omission of relevant data statistical and germane information is published that has no relevance in reality. A compliant media distributes such information at disservice to everyone.

The most egregious media sources are in order of complicity MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and lastly FOX. I am appalled by the lack of journalistic ability displayed in this jaudra. This all goes back to education and colleges that teach journalism. Most professors in journalism are leftists, they teach journalism because they failed in the private sector media industry and then decided to teach. The function in a venue’ wherein the student who agrees with the professor, regardless if he is right or wrong gets A’s, and the student who disagrees with the professor gets a C-. Under such a system, journalists are not made. YES men are made. The graduates of these schools are valueless because they will not challenge or oppose the put forth dictums of the ruling class. Thus the boss, no matter how wrong, is obeyed to the letter. No question is ever posed!

The largest percentage of reported miss-information stems from Washington and New York. New York is the financial arm the other, the political arm. The population is induced through repetitive pronouncement by all the agencies of media to believe what they are told, regardless of how ridiculous it may be. Some examples may be of use. Let me point out that “” lists all the 659 lies that Obama has told in the last six years 95% of which were reported as fact by the Lamestream.

Unemployment is now reported as 6.3% everyone even fourth graders know this is bogus. Real unemployment when you count everyone is 37.2%.[1] The just reported reduction in unemployment statistic for this month claimed 255,000 new jobs, and then omitted the fact that 880,000 people were taken off the unemployment lists, and that just over 188.000 new people came on the job market. This actually indicates that this month we had a 831,000 shortfall of jobs. In actual fact these number are all estimates because the government (IRS) does not release the number of employed and they are the only agency that knows. More jobs do not necessarily mean more people are employed because the average month produces 188,000 new job seekers. And lastly, lower unemployment numbers do not necessarily mean that less people are unemployed because long-term non-employed are not counted anywhere. 47 million on food stamps reveals the fallacy of the unemployment numbers. The 6% rise in federal government employment and 5% fall in private sector employment further skew the reported numbers.

When we examine the statistical employment numbers, the actual numbers of people who have jobs, we see that from the day of Obama’s inauguration to today 58.7% of Americans are employed, the lowest percentage number ever recorded. It indicates that 41% of the population is either unemployed, retired, on welfare, on disability or has no interest in attaining employment.

Real median household income has fallen in every of the last six years at an average rate of just under 2% annually. The rate of inflation has averaged about 11% annually when all commodities are included. The total number of employed Americans has declined each of the past six years and is now over 800,000 lower than in 2009.

I just must add — the real estate market as reportedly “doing well” is another lie. In today’s local paper we have the listings of delinquent property taxes for Manatee county FL. 21 pages 50 listings per page for 8,400 delinquencies. Manatee County has 82,936 homes and condos that indicates that 9.873% of property owners have not paid their taxes, which were due in Jan 2014.

[1] David John Marta wealth management

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