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Gun Appreciation Day Supported By Party Members

Despite the bullying by writer Nick Wing(nut) at Huffington Post and the falsehoods by Media Matters we attended the Gun Appreciation Day in protest of the anti-constitutionalists who hate the Second Amendment.

There is at least no time in this century when the establishment has so forthrightly sought to steer our society according to the bent of its agenda. However, all different types of people own guns, making the controversy surrounding gun ownership less clear-cut of a subject than are most of the fabricated issues elites use to divide Americans. Not having specific groups to pin against one another, the establishment has resorted to the most nefarious of propaganda schemes, using the tragic deaths of murdered children as justification for reducing the revolutionary capacity of the American people. Party Members Support Gun Appreciation Day

While it must be admitted that violent crime is a terrible problem in our country, laws against gun ownership are not the answer. California and Illinois enacted some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the country but still have among the highest murder and violent crime rates. Gun ownership has nothing to do with crime and criminal behavior. Criminals and psychopaths who are determined to commit violent acts will do so with whatever is available to them.

The “debate” over gun ownership is not about protecting children or lessening the violent crime rate. Rather, it has everything to do with disarming the American public. The establishment has gone rogue and wants to make sure any potential threat to its hegemony is only able to muster pitchforks and antique hunting rifles.

What defines our nation is not how safe we are. As Americans, we are defined by our freedom. The purpose of our revolutionary government is to make sure the power always stays in the hands of the people. That was the intention of the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment being meant to ensure that the American people would have the ability to overthrow the government if it ever got out of our control.

When evaluating our situation it is easy to recognize the past, to understand history and the purpose for our Constitution and its 2nd Amendment, but it is can be difficult for us to comprehend how decisions we make today will influence future generations. Having to imagine the potential outcomes of current trends requires we take into the future the logical results of what is happening today, and that can be a frightening thing to do.

Second Amendment

Second Amendment Rights

Pro Second Amendment

High powered and (semi-) automatic weapons have been around for generations, but weekly school shootings are a recent phenomenon. The determining factor is not the availability of guns but the changes our society has gone through that are producing these massacres. Mass-shootings are only outstanding examples of a more pervasive social decay.

Unlimited immigration, endless foreign wars, and social corruption remind us of historic examples of decadent empires. Any student of history can point out what follows next, but this is not happening in the pages of a book to some far away nation. The potential fall of our country and the consequences of that situation could be experienced by our children and theirs. If our people don’t have the will or courage to make a stand while there is still a peaceable solution, then we are absolutely obligated to do everything in our power to make sure coming generations of Americans have the tools necessary for a fighting chance.

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The American Freedom Party (AFP) (formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the Anti-European political interests. Join the American Freedom Party.

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