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Party Members Rally Against Tyranny of Obama’s EPA

On September 14, the American Freedom Party held a “road walk rally” near Masontown, Pennsylvania against the oppressive regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Former West Virginia gubernatorial candidate and AFP rally leader Harry Bertram joined 10 other protestors at the intersection of PA-88 and PA-21 as they voiced their outrage at the pending shutdown of two local coal plants: Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station and Mitchell Power Station.

Thanks to the EPA’s new “anti-pollution” controls implemented by Barack Obama’s tyrannical administration, 174 workers will be laid off from Hatfield, and 206 from Mitchell, when both plants shut down by October 9. As the Herald-Standard reported:
“Both plants produce up to 2,080 megawatts of electricity, which is about 10 percent of FirstEnergy’s total of production, but adding pollution controls would cost $278 million, or 30 percent, of the $925 million needed to make all the company’s plants comply with the regulations, the company said.”

Unable to comply with those “anti-pollution” controls, the livelihoods of almost 400 workers will be ruined. Most of those workers are White. They would not be laid off if it wasn’t for the EPA, which exists to make life miserable for White Americans and quite frankly for everyone else.
The Harris and Mitchell plants are just two of the 37 plants which will close as a result of the oppressive EPA regulations. Despite both plants meeting every previous quality standard, and despite the Hatfield plant putting down literally hundreds of millions on new equipment to reduce pollution, none of it is enough under the new MATS standard (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards).

As the protestors made their voices heard with signs and air horns, Bertram spent 90 minutes handing out 200 Nationalist Times encouraging others to subscribe to the Nationalist Times and join the party. He took the ten comrades out to Pizza Hut afterwards. It was a fun time despite the gloomy nature of the pending plant closures.

SPECIAL NOTE: While the American Freedom Party most certainly wants to protect our flora and fauna, we are against the EPA because it doesn’t exist to protect the environment any more than the Southern Poverty Law Center exists to fight poverty. It is possible to protect the environment and maintain a first world standard of living. The American Freedom Party supports that.

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