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The Paris Massacre – A Statement by the Nationalists of Europe

The Paris Massacre – A Statement by the Nationalists of Europe through the Alliance for Peace and Freedom:

“Islamic Jihad will come to Western Europe!” That was the warning given by APF President Roberto Fiore and Nick Griffin when they returned from Syria in June 2013, having interviewed captured Jihadi terrorists in Damascus.

Today, their warning came true. With the tragic attack on the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris, where at least twelve people were killed and several injured, the war has officially entered Western Europe.

Having been incubated in Syria with the help of the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the European Union, ISIS/Daesh now threatens not only Syria and Iraq but also Lebanon. Christian communities are particularly vulnerable targets. Meanwhile, and also thanks to Western interference, Libya has its own growing Caliphate.

Europe Alliance For Peace and Freedom

The Islamist foothold established the Balkans by NATO’s bombing of Serbia, now includes four thousand well-trained and heavily armed Jihadist fighters in Bosnia. Islamist cells are ready and well organized, as we have now seen, to launch attacks in various European countries.

There are thousands of Jihadi fighters from all over Europe fighting in Syria. When they return home they find a vast pool of potential recruits for Jihadi cells to bring terror to our own streets. Now is time for Europe to act.

First of all, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom demand that the European Institutions and the governments of all European countries break diplomatic relations with all those countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that have strongly supported, financially, logistically and culturally, the spread of radical Islamism in Europe and the Islamist terrorist invasion of Syria.

Second, we urge the USA, the European Union and the governments of the various countries – particularly the United Kingdom and France – which have collectively encouraged, excused, trained, armed and aided Islamist ‘rebels’ in Libya and Syria, to halt and reverse this deadly folly. The neo-con attempt to “remake the Middle East” that began with the Iraq War continues to produce deadly fruit and must be exposed and undone.

The massacre in Paris has shown just how deadly is the ‘Blowback’ from these attempts to manipulate Islamism for outdated imperialistic ends. Such policies should be replaced by co-operation with the nations which have already proved their dedication and effectiveness in combating Wahhabi Islamism – in particular Syria, Russia and Iran.

Third, we call upon Israel to stop providing medical aid and air strike assistance to Jihadi terrorists in Syria, and to end the oppression of Palestinians which does so much to radicalise Muslim opinion and is the best recruiting sergeant for Islamic extremism.

Fourth, the governments of Europe should act immediately to protect our peoples at home. They should immediately close European borders to Muslim immigration and shut all clandestine migration routes. All illegal Muslim immigrants should be deported without delay.

A security assessment of Muslim residents should be followed by the expulsion of all who are reasonably suspected of having links with terrorist cells or subscribing to the ideological and theological tenets which underpin Wahhabi terror and aggression.

Europe is at a crossroads: it will either disappear under the heel of Islam or it will recall its inner strength, recover its confidence and save our Civilization. Tours, Lepanto, Vienna – we have been here before and, together, we will once again secure Peace, Freedom in a Christian Europe!

Alliance for Peace and Freedom, 7 January 2015

The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is a European political party that was formed in 2014.

[Source: Alliance for Peace and Freedom posted with permission.]
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  1. WhyattMann says:

    Well that's a start I suppose. A better approach would be to remove the CAUSE of the moslem presence in Europe, instead of trying to remedy the symptoms first.

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