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Bono’s NGO: Aging Europeans Must Be Replaced With “Energetic” Young Africans

Jamie Drummond, the co-founder of Bono’s NGO “ONE” told the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade and Defence that Europe needs “energetic” Africans to replace aging White Europeans: Africa’s population is soon going to “double” and “whatever the circumstances” will mass migrate to Europe — “and that is a good thing,” according to the […]

Trump Supreme Court

The REAL Donald Trump

by Earl P. Holt III In September of 1986, 66 year-old Annabel Hill was faced with losing the farm that had remained in her family for five generations. Eight months before, her husband had committed suicide in a desperate ploy to salvage the farm with the proceeds of his life insurance policy. Two consecutive years […]

Void Bill of Rights

That “Authoritarian Impulse”

by Earl P. Holt III That sleaze-ball Rahm Emanuel is famous for having advised Barack Obama to never let a crisis go unexploited. Yet, a crisis can be valuable by affording an opportunity for the electorate to get a glimpse at how elected officials feel about the exercise of power. In the case of the […]

Antifa Organizer II

“Antifa” Organizer Exposed As Member of Elite Political Family

by Eric Striker National Justice A leading organizer in a self-described “Antifa” cell, Iron Front USA, is a member of a prominent Maryland political family. The organization takes inspiration from the German Iron Front, a paramilitary group that embraced violence against conservatives, National Socialists, and even left-wing rivals. Sean Thomas Kratovil-Lavelle, pictured above at an […]

Stacey Abrams

Uncovered Video Reveals Stacey Abrams Plotting Racist Use of Re-Districting to Stop ‘White’ People From Governing

A report by Gateway Pundit reveals that a Video of former Democrat legislator and gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams plotting to use re-districting to “stop white people” from governing has been uncovered. Abrams is being pushed as a possible Vice Presidential candidate for Joe Biden. The 2014 video, uncovered by Patrick Howley at the National File, […]

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Wins Ohio’s Mail-in Democrat Presidential Primary

This type of mail-in voting is exactly what the Democrat party wants for the general election in November because people can vote without showing ID and there is no chain of custody. The primary was originally scheduled for March 17 (before Bernie Sanders dropped out) but DeWine pushed the primary back several weeks and encouraged […]

Graduation Canceled

Graduation Canceled… Except For ‘Students of Color’ And ‘LGBTQIA+’ Students

by Kyle Hooten – Campus Reform St. Olaf College has postponed graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 until next year but will still host virtual festivities for minority students only. Seniors at the school say they have not been informed of any similar virtual festivities for the general student body. St. Olaf College in […]

American-Jewish Spies

“American” Jews Who Spied for the USSR

By Earl P. Holt III The Roosevelt and Truman Administrations were honeycombed with Soviet intelligence agents, and the vast majority of these traitors were Jews. Their networks were so extensive that it became necessary to draft other CPUSA members — who were not federal employees — to assist in servicing the enormous volume of “product” […]

Biden Buffoon

Norwegian Psychiatrist Claims Joe Biden is Suffering From “Dementia”

by Paul Joseph Watson Says condition has worsened “at galloping speed.” Norwegian psychiatrist Fred Heggen claims that Joe Biden is suffering from “dementia” and that his condition has worsened “at galloping speed.” In an opinion piece published by Nettavisen entitled ‘Why Democrats are rallying behind a possibly demented candidate?’, Heggen, who is also a medical […]

Jimmy Doolittle

Lest We Forget

by Earl Holt III Today marks the 78th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Imperial Japan, conducted a mere four months after the December 7th, 1941 Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This bombing raid was an unimaginable feat of heroism led by a true American patriot, Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle. After the attack […]