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Rachel Dolezal

Racial Deception

Reflections on the white women who claim they’re black. Thu Oct 15, 2020 During slavery, many black women, often in a forcible union with a white man, bore mixed-race children. Based on their percentage of white blood, they were deemed “mulattos,” “quadroons,” “octoroons” or even “hexadecaroons.” Depending on skin color, they could pass as white […]

Breonna Taylor Machine Gun

Breonna Taylor: Anatomy of A Racial Hoax

By David Horowitz and John Perazzo / How Oprah Winfrey and Black Lives Matter are colluding in a plot to perpetrate a social injustice. Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old emergency-room medical technician. Her death on March 13, 2020 at the hands of Louisville, Kentucky police officers became a marquee case for the Black Lives […]

Christopher Columbus

Columbus Did Nothing Wrong, The Geneva Convention Says So!

By James Fulford I’ve been writing’s Columbus Day round ups since 2008. Normally not much happens in the Columbus line between one Columbus Day and another. This year’s Columbus Day, October 12, is different. This year Columbus has been part of the same anti-white Monumental Destruction that’s been going on as a result of […]


On Columbus Day, Celebrate Western Civilization, Not Multiculturalism

Driven in large part by political correctness and partisan academics and activists, it has become fashionable in recent years to criticize Christopher Columbus and the holiday named in his honor. A closer look, however, reveals the famed explorer to be a man of faith and courage, not a monster. Many of Columbus’ modern critics rely […]


American Samizdat

Political Power for European Americans! European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity! The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America […]

Jews Riot

NYC Orthodox Jewish Community Riots Over Coronavirus Restrictions

Hundreds of members of the Borough Park Orthodox community took to the streets Tuesday night, defying orders to disperse and lighting a fire in protest of new state-mandated restrictions imposed on area synagogues, schools and non-essential businesses over a COVID-19 surge. One large crowd huddled closely together at the corner of 50th Street and 15th […]

Swastika Road

Town Board Rejects Name Change for Tiny Hamlet of Swastika, NY

BY JULIA RITCHEY (REPORTER) A small town in Clinton County has voted against considering a name change for the tiny hamlet of Swastika, New York. The decision comes amid a wider reckoning over symbols and monuments with links to white supremacy. Michael Alcamo lives in New York City but loves visiting the Adirondacks whenever he […]

As Trump Battles COVID, BLM/Antifa Disrupt Trump Rally

As Trump Battles COVID, BLM/Antifa Disrupt Trump Rally

Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters descended upon a rally in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday in Beverly Hills, CA, a day after the president announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. Left-wing protesters shouted, “Black Lives Matter.” Demonstrators also held signs reading, “NAZI TRUMPS FUCK OFF!” […]

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus

Source: Breitbart President Donald Trump announced shortly after midnight that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for coronavirus. Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2020 The president said […]

Jonahan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League

Anti-Defamation League Circulates Petition Urging Jews to Denounce Trump

By Joel Pollack: The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is circulating a petition among Jewish organizations urging them to criticize President Donald Trump for failing to denounce white supremacy during the first presidential debate on Tuesday — though he did so then, and has done so, often, before. The petition, which was leaked to Breitbart News, states […]