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Wisconsin Doctors Murdered

Reality Comes to Madison, WI

A very liberal couple in the People’s Republic of Madison, Wisconsin got a fatal dose of reality after allowing their 18 year-old daughter to room with her black boyfriend in their home during the COVID-19 epidemic. To show that unique brand of “black gratitude” we’ve all come to expect, in return for generously taking in […]

Hungary Demographics

Hungary Sees 5.5 Per Cent Birthrate Increase After Enacting Pro-Family Policies

By Breitbart News Hungary has seen a 5.5 per cent increase in births since last year after the country enacted pro-family policies. State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák announced on Thursday that Hungary had seen a rise in both the number of births and a 5.7 per cent rise in the fertility […]

Antifa Website

Project Veritas Video: Antifa Chapter Head Admits Soros Funding, Association With Tom Steyer

James O’Keefe: As part of its series of undercover videos exposing left-wing organizations like Antifa, Project Veritas released footage claiming to show far-left Democrat activists bragging about George Soros funding and political connections. Tom Steyer – who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for 2020 – and liberal financier George Soros are both […]

Chicago Mayhem

85 Shot – 24 Dead in Chicago as City Sees Deadliest Day in 60 Years — As Democrats Continue to Call to Defund the Police

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit The “mostly peaceful” leftist rioters in Chicago dragged police officers through the street and kicked them in the head last week. The far left rioters and looters made Chicago’s Magnificent Mile look like Chicago’s Boarded Up Mile. By last weekend the left was calling to defund the police in […]

Noel with Jarrod Shanahan

“Antifa” Member Who Doxed Proud Boys and Nationalists Exposed as Criminal, Academic and Journalist

by Eric Striker: Three years ago, the New York City nationalist scene suffered a serious security breach. A circle of “antifa” anarchists, who went by the name Metropolitan Pool Cleaners, had infiltrated events hosted by Counter Currents and even the Proud Boys. A number of individuals were “doxed” in the aftermath, some forced to leave […]


FBI Admits White ‘Nationalists’ and White ‘Supremacists’ Are Completely Different

THE FBI’s definitions for “White nationalist” and “White supremacist” are surprisingly accurate. What follows in quotes is from a US House of Representatives Resolution. “A 2006 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assessment defined a White supremacist as follows: White supremacists believe that the white race is superior to all other races and was created to […]


Amazon Keeps Southern Poverty Law Center as Gatekeeper at ‘AmazonSmile’

At the urging of Amazon’s board of directors, Amazon shareholders attending the company’s online annual meeting on Wednesday rejected a resolution to reevaluate the company’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to vet charities under its AmazonSmile charity portal. The resolution, offered by Amazon shareholder Justin Danhof on behalf of the National Center […]

Hillary Should Step Down

Two Systems of Justice

by Earl P. Holt III Clearly, in America there are two systems of justice, one for prominent leftist traitors and another for everyone else. This outrage didn’t begin at Chappaquiddick. Illustrating the situation are two noteworthy criminal investigations of recent vintage. The first is the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server by the […]

Jadon Boxer

Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed And Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

by Eric Striker / National Justice The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously assaulting a white 75-year-old military veteran at a Detroit nursing home has shocked the country. According to a local news report, Hayden — who has a separate pending assault case — was taken to the facility after being diagnosed […]

Ballot Stuffing

Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Source: Breitbart News A former Judge of Elections in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been charged and pleaded guilty to illegally adding votes for Democrat candidates in judicial races in 2014, 2015, and 2016. On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced charges against former Judge of Elections Domenick DeMuro, 73, for stuffing the ballot box for […]