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So Cal A3P Repel Attack by Immigrant Gang

So Cal A3P Repel Attack by Immigrant Gang

Today it was reported by member’s of A3P So Cal that, during a routine outreach effort in San Clemente, California, 2 activists with the So Cal A3P team were physically attacked and nearly overtaken by more than 15 members of a passing immigrant gang. The activists, upon returning from the event and with the details […]

So Cal A3P Introduce Innovative Approach to Reaching the Public

Members of So Cal A3P, the party’s flagship activist-team, this past weekend revealed a new method to introducing local people to the American Third Position: an objective survey gauging sentiment as toward quality of life in America. More specifically, taking it upon themselves to advance the party, the So Cal activists asked members of the […]

Taxed Enough Already

Now, more than ever, Americans feel sharply the burden we are obliged to shoulder on behalf of government expenditure. What many of us do not consider, however, is the endlessness of this problem. We fail to realize that the need to increase taxes is a certainty under current circumstances. As with any supply and demand […]

U.S. – Ours Much Longer?

The American republic was founded by a population whose social fabric was bound by the common ties of blood and culture. Far from a worldwide destination, our country at its inception was populated almost exclusively by citizens whose ethnic relations for millennia dwelt within the boundaries of an area no larger than many of our […]

Root for the Underdog

Ever since multiculturalism assumed its dominant position as the governing social philosophy of our country, Americans have been subjected to a massive appeal for aid to individuals and groups less fortunate. Part of the success of this appeal has been its ability to play on the average American’s sense of fairness and historic sympathy for […]

Bill Johnson to Guest on 'The Political Cesspool' this Saturday

From the Political Cesspool’s James Edwards: American Third Position (A3P) is America’s newest and most promising political party, and I’m proud to be on the board of directors for A3P. The party doesn’t fall into the phony “conservative” vs. “liberal” rigged wrestling match that the GOP and Democrats are running in collaboration with FOX News, […]

So Cal Team Inspires San Clemente

So Cal Team Inspires San Clemente

While Americans have seen many things in our country change in recent decades, nothing has been more thoroughly altered than the national morale of our people. We have been repeatedly whipped, politically, and yet continue to enable our tormentors to thrash us. The reason we have been unwilling or unable to create and support political […]

6 Weeks In: An A3P Progress Report

6 Weeks In: An A3P Progress Report

Over the course of just six weeks, the A3P has expanded at an astonishing pace, with respect to membership, infrastructure, and degree of organization. In that short span of time, the party accepted 65 members, hired an Assistant to the Chairman, added James Edwards to its Board of Directors, purchased 13,000 pieces of literature, and […]

Fighting Fires: A No-Brainer?

A federal court has ruled that the New York City Fire Department illegally discriminated against nonwhites in hiring by using an entrance exam which most of them couldn’t pass. The result: the FDNY has been ordered to implement an aggressive affirmative action program. This decision is in contrast to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that […]

Chairman Reflects on A3P Community-building

My home is in the fire-ravaged area of La Canada, California (a suburb of Los Angeles).  After the fire, heavy rains brought down tons of sand, dirt, mud and debris from the denuded hillside.  Forty-four homes in our town were damaged by the mudslides (my home included).  Our damage was not great because in anticipation […]