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Patriot Front DC

Patriot Front: A New Story of Suppression

In the last hour, Patriot Front organized a peaceful march in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a march of around fifty to one hundred people, consisting of holding American Flags and displaying a banner with their rallying cry “Reclaim America” inscribed on it


Joe Biden Attempting to ‘Abolish’ Suburbs With Infrastructure Package

Source: WENDELL HUSEBØ / Breitbart News : President Joe Biden is attempting to “destroy” American suburbs with the reconciliation infrastructure package, proving former President Donald Trump’s prediction correct. Trump said during a 2020 campaign rally that Biden wants “to put low-cost housing in the suburbs, and that would mean abolishing, ruining the suburbs. It has […]

Jonahan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League

49 Jewish Groups Including ADL Call For Biden To Put ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ For Illegals In Spending Bill

49 Jewish groups including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), run by Jonathan Greenblatt, sent a letter to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi urging the Democrats to put a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants “in any economic recovery or infrastructure legislation that moves forward via budget reconciliation.” The letter was spearheaded by […]

Domestic Terrorist

Federal Government’s “Domestic Extremism” Committee Is Being Run By The ADL and SPLC

By Eric Striker The US government’s war on political dissent is being guided by private left-wing and Zionist organizations, National Justice can report. An internal document regarding the Pentagon’s “Countering Extremism Working Group” (CEWG) from last April names the individuals and groups that are slated for membership in a subcommittee that specializes in setting targets […]

Troops and Patriots

Patriotic Troops

I, (State your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that [. . .]

American Mexican

American Versus Mexican Police

Every Leftist idiot believes American police are brutally racist, and also mistakenly believe they kill hundreds of unarmed and innocent blacks each year. Moreover, police had the nerve to arrest several members of “Black Liars Murder” (BLM) — an allegedly sincere protest movement — merely for burning and looting a few businesses, burning a few […]

White Lives Matter Banner

Conservatives Won’t Say it: The Problem is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’

Ilana Mercer rips those who obfuscate by labeling animus as ‘identity politics’ or ‘Marxism’. Institutionalized, systemic anti-whiteness, yoked to white-hot hatred of whites: That is the creed that is fast becoming entrenched across state and civil society in the U.S. Chiseled down, these are also the building blocks of Critical Race Theory, a specious, sub-intelligent […]

Supreme Court

Critical Race Theory Is About to Face Its Day(s) in Court

As recently as last summer, few people outside academia had heard of critical race theory, whose central claim is that racism, not liberty, is the founding value and guiding vision of American society. Then, President Trump issued an executive order last September banning the teaching of this “malign ideology” to federal employees and federal contractors. […]


The Collective Brain Of Whites Generated All Modern Innovations

By Ricardo Duchesne – Council of European Canadians French President Emmanuel Macron was accused recently of “hating France” as he called for the “deconstruction of our history” to fit with the reality of millions of nonwhite citizens and the need to overcome the colonial “racism of the past”. This is not an incidental, off the […]

Cute Baby Face Nationalist

The Patriot’s True Relationship with Corporations

Since Reagan, the American Right has branded itself as the champion of Capitalism, and as the defenders of the corporations that drive the modern market economy. While we could analyze data to support the positive or negative effects that the financialization of America may have had on the economy, that is not our purpose here. […]