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Noel with Jarrod Shanahan

“Antifa” Member Who Doxed Proud Boys and Nationalists Exposed as Criminal, Academic and Journalist

by Eric Striker: Three years ago, the New York City nationalist scene suffered a serious security breach. A circle of “antifa” anarchists, who went by the name Metropolitan Pool Cleaners, had infiltrated events hosted by Counter Currents and even the Proud Boys. A number of individuals were “doxed” in the aftermath, some forced to leave […]


FBI Admits White ‘Nationalists’ and White ‘Supremacists’ Are Completely Different

THE FBI’s definitions for “White nationalist” and “White supremacist” are surprisingly accurate. What follows in quotes is from a US House of Representatives Resolution. “A 2006 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assessment defined a White supremacist as follows: White supremacists believe that the white race is superior to all other races and was created to […]


Amazon Keeps Southern Poverty Law Center as Gatekeeper at ‘AmazonSmile’

At the urging of Amazon’s board of directors, Amazon shareholders attending the company’s online annual meeting on Wednesday rejected a resolution to reevaluate the company’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to vet charities under its AmazonSmile charity portal. The resolution, offered by Amazon shareholder Justin Danhof on behalf of the National Center […]

Hillary Should Step Down

Two Systems of Justice

by Earl P. Holt III Clearly, in America there are two systems of justice, one for prominent leftist traitors and another for everyone else. This outrage didn’t begin at Chappaquiddick. Illustrating the situation are two noteworthy criminal investigations of recent vintage. The first is the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server by the […]

Jadon Boxer

Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed And Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

by Eric Striker / National Justice The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously assaulting a white 75-year-old military veteran at a Detroit nursing home has shocked the country. According to a local news report, Hayden — who has a separate pending assault case — was taken to the facility after being diagnosed […]

Ballot Stuffing

Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Source: Breitbart News A former Judge of Elections in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been charged and pleaded guilty to illegally adding votes for Democrat candidates in judicial races in 2014, 2015, and 2016. On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced charges against former Judge of Elections Domenick DeMuro, 73, for stuffing the ballot box for […]

Pirates & Morons

Pirates & Morons

In April of 2009, a motley collection of Somali pirates hijacked a large Belgian ship north of the Seychelles named the MV Pompei. For two months they brutalized 10 crew members, whom they held hostage until a ransom was eventually paid. The leader of this pack of black savages was a piece of trash named […]

Evil Satan

Satan’s Screeds

by Earl P. Holt III Recently, I was researching an article about American Jews who spied for the USSR during World War II. One of the decoded (or “de-crypted”) VENONA transcripts sent by their Soviet masters recommended that if any American spying for the USSR was exposed by investigators, the appropriate response would be to […]

Samaritans Purse

No Good Deed Unpunished

V. P. Hughes Earlier this year, Dr. Anthony Fauci excitedly predicted that President Trump would soon find the United States at the mercy of a viral pandemic. Interestingly enough, it came to pass much as the good doctor predicted, albeit, there are serious questions remaining as to the virulence as well as the origin of […]

SPLC Fraud

Amazon Charitable Funding Partners With Far-Left Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center

by Justin Danhof, General Counsel of the National Center for Public Policy Research: Why is one of America’s most discredited and polarizing nonprofits allowed to control the charitable giving program of one of America’s richest companies? And why is that nonprofit allowed to reap a windfall from that charitable program while restricting access to organizations […]