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Obama: “Viva Mexico!”

Charles Spiering of the Washington Examinr writes

At the conclusion of his speech in Mexico this morning (May 3, 2013), President Obama reminded the crowd that the nation [Mexico] could “assume its rightful place” if they were committed.

Obama reminded the audience of their national anthem, quoting the line “in heaven your eternal destiny was written by the finger of God.”

“Viva Mexico! Viva Las Estados Unidos! Que Dios los bendiga.”

“You are the dream. This is the moment. And as you reach for that future, always remember that you have the greatest of partners, the greatest of friends, in the nation that is rooting for your success more than anybody else, your neighbor, the United States of America,” Obama said.

“Viva Mexico!” Obama cried as he concluded his speech. “Viva Las Estados Unidos! Que Dios los bendiga.”

[Long live Mexico! Long live the United States! May God bless you!]

[It would be, “Viva Los Estados Unidos” since Estados is a masculine word. Any Spanish-speaking person that heard that just rolled their eyes. Stick to the teleprompter.]

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