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Obama And Romney Visit Israel But Ignore Iran

A3P | Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have already made the quasi-obligatory pilgrimages to Israel, neither have considered visiting Iran to attempt to communicate directly with Iranian leaders. But a less prominent presidential candidate decided he wanted to get a bigger picture on the Middle East situation, and so he recently visited Tehran, although the original purpose of his visit was to attend Iran’s first annual, government-organized New Horizon Independent Film Festival. Miller is an independent film-maker by trade.

Merlin C. Miller, the candidate representing the American Third Position Party (A3P), visited Tehran, during which time he was interviewed by Press TV. According to Miller, A3P tends to correlate well with Ron Paul’s platform, except for a stronger position against illegal immigration. A3P is concerned about all the job loss from multinational corporations moving factories offshore away from America, and the invasion of illegal immigrants amplifies the tremendous economic hardship already imposed on numerous families in America.

IranU.S. News & World Report also discloses that Merlin Miller had a 20-minute meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during which Ahmadinejad expressed concern about the perspective Americans have on Iran because of Zionist domination of the national media. Ahmadinejad also discussed the evils of western civilization, zeroing in on sexual promiscuity.

Neither Merlin C. Miller nor the American Third Position Party qualified for inclusion on the Alaska ballot, so Alaskans who want to vote for him must write his name in on November 6th. His running mate is Virginia Abernethy.

Press TV has the original video along with a written transcript available on their website. Miller candidly acknowledges he has no chance of winning, but explains why his candidacy is still significant:

No, actually no chance whatsoever; nobody knows who we are yet. We are trying to build a movement as an alternative to the two-party system. The two-party system is such a corrupt system right now; it totally depended on huge sums of money; the party platforms are controlled by global elites; neither party represents the interests of the American people anymore.

We feel there is a need for a grassroots movement to develop, to actually have political representation for America’s middle class, America’s working people who have no representation anymore.

And Miller addresses upfront the “big white elephant in the room”; namely, the persistent insinuation by the left that Miller is a “racist” and a “segregationist”. The Southern Poverty Law Center has repeatedly smeared and defamed A3P as “a political party initially established by racist Southern California skinheads that aims to deport immigrants and return the United States to white rule”. This characterization most likely results from the American Third Position Party’s openly-stated belief that the U.S. Government discriminates against the majority population of White Americans, and one of A3P’s purposes is to fight this discrimination. A3P recruits party members of all races. Here was Miller’s response (after the jump):

In my opinion, they [the smears] originated from my criticism of Zionism, of Jewish control of our media, of our foreign policy which is Israel first rather than America first. I had those criticisms and then was attacked on past associations I had with conservative groups.

Now these [are] conservative platforms; we are not racist. Now there may be some white nationalists involved in these movements as you find in any movement but our position is strictly based on what is best for the American people and it is not racist.

My Wikipedia bio, I have tried to change two or three times now, within a day or two, it reverts back. They have gone so far as to say that I have a while-only film company. I am the only employer in the company and in all my films, I have hired the best for every part, every role. The last motion picture, the co-star was black; the editor was Puerto Rican and that has never been an issue with me.
I believe we treat everybody as individuals. I am opposed to affirmative action. I think that is very destructive for the black community as well as the white community and it is unconstitutional; it is unfair but because of those positions and primarily because of my opposition to Zionist power is why they are trying to brand me something that I am not and I hope to clear the air on that but it is a difficult process to overcome.

Merlin Miller reports that he was pleasantly surprised by conditions in Iran. He stated that the Iranian people have been warm and hospitable to him, and he finds it a beautiful country with beautiful people. He wants to do what he can to preserve peace and get truths back to the American people. Although he acknowledges that it’s a difficult process, it’s got to be done.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    The American people should oppose any war that's not in the interest of our country, especially one that's with Iran, that can only be in the interest of Israel. A country that by the way, is neither a Democracy, or a true Ally of the United States!

    Such a war would not only result in a lot of unnecessary American dead and loss of national wealth, but could expand beyond the region as well as result in a world economic depression.

    Our Government and the Mainstream Media can not be trusted to give an honest or balanced view of the situation in the Middle East. So I appeal to all good citizens to put there trust in the A3P, that will give you the truth about what's happening, not only in our own country, but around the world.

    Join the American Third Position, an 'American Nationalist Party.

  2. help says:

    Hello. I plan on writing in the A3P candidate Merlin Miller. The only problem I have is how do I write him in if he is not on the ballot?

    Maybe, A3P could do an article on how people in states where Merlin Miller is not on the ballot could write him in as a vote. What names would be needed, what requirements, etc.

    • JamesinUSA says:

      Generally on every ballot there is a space where voters can write in a candidates name.

      • American3P says:

        You are right. But only a few states will accept a write-in. Most states require a Statement of Candidacy to apply for write-in access. This prevents anyone from writing in "Donald Duck".

        Those states that require a Statement of Candidacy will discard any vote for a candidate that does not file a Statement of Candidacy.

  3. fnn says:

    Close to 13,000 views for Miller on Press TV:

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