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Obama Administration Weighing Another Backdoor Amnesty

Just four months into his new job, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is considering further restricting his Department’s ability to deport illegal aliens. (Associated Press, Apr. 21, 2014)

In a story posted by the Associated Press Monday, two sources close to Secretary Johnson say he is weighing limiting deportations on illegal aliens who do not have “serious criminal records.” (Id.) The sources included the former acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Sandweg, and an amnesty advocate who has allegedly been engaged in talks with Administration officials but would only speak on the condition of anonymity. (CBS News, Apr. 21, 2014)

According to Sandweg and the amnesty advocate, Johnson is considering changing the Administration’s existing “priorities” for deporting illegal aliens to exclude illegal aliens who have re-entered the country after being already deported (a felony), as well fugitives from immigration proceedings. (Associated Press, Apr. 21, 2014) Sandweg, who spent five months acting as the country’s chief immigration enforcer, advocated for these exact changes in a recent op-ed he penned for the Los Angeles Times. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Apr. 2, 2014)

No sooner did Jeh Johnson finish law school at Columbia University in 1982 that he began working at “Paul, Weiss, Rifkind LLP,” a major NY Jewish Law Firm.

Jeh Johnson was mentored by two of the firm’s well-known lawyers, the late Arthur Liman and Morris Abram, legal counsel to Martin Luther King and chair of the United Negro College Fund.

No Amnesty Employ AmericansThus far Homeland Security is staying tight-lipped about the potential reprieve for illegal aliens. “Any report of specific considerations at this time would be premature,” claimed a DHS spokesman. (AP, Apr. 21, 2014) He said Johnson “has undergone a very rigorous and inclusive process to best inform the review.” (Id.)

Talk of the potential changes come just one month after President Obama announced that he ordered Secretary Johnson to review Homeland Security’s deportation policies, and less than two weeks after Johnson met with amnesty advocates in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

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