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New Year’s Letter

Flag TriskelAs we approach the New Year, our nation’s youth face challenges from every possible direction. Immigration is at an all time high, lowering the number of jobs available in the labor market. Colleges and universities openly disenfranchise White students, while allowing every other ethnic group to freely represent themselves.

We are forced to be tolerant of intolerant people. We are forced to support those who refuse to support themselves.

As a generation we are facing Islamification though massive legal immigration from nations whose people are incompatible with us and our values. Our government is out of touch, our borders are nonexistent, our parents have put us into 18 trillion dollars worth of debt, we face massive unemployment, never ending wars, and a complete failure of coexistence. As Americans we must defend our nation’s honor. As the youth we must protect our future from those who wish to push us aside.

With the eminent violence and persecution that we face, we must not let go of our pride. We must respect our ancestors who built this country for us, not to be given away by our parents in their foolishness and cowardice. There has been a lack of nationalist spirit in our youth, a lack of pride for ourselves and our people. If we are to survive we must embrace its ideals with a zealousness. It is imperative to reject socialist and antiwhite agendas. To refute and shame feminist ideologies that cripple the integrity and pride of a man and pit our sexes against each other.

We must come together under one banner. A banner that preserves our inheritance, that recognizes our rights as the descendants of those who built this nation. We must maintain professionalism while not abandoning the day to day struggle. We must break out of our comfort zones and take back our communities. Take back our schools, our jobs, and our borders. Actions speak louder than words. We must make 2015 a year of activism, uniting to renew the struggle for our rights. Demanding a say in our own lives. We must boldly stand up as one movement and tell the world THIS IS OUR NATION!

This New Year join with us as we launch a movement that is not afraid to say enough is enough. Keep your eyes forward and your head up. Never betray the integrity and honor found inside you. This my friends is victory.

Chairman, National Youth Front

We urge all Americans to work for change only through peaceful and lawful means. We should all follow the advice of the poet Sam Foss: “Let me live in a house by the side of the road And be a friend to man.”

To all persons ages 18 to 35,

I urge you to join the American Freedom Party. You can do so through the National Youth Front- (

You may join AFP directly, but if you join through the National Youth Front, you will received additional support and benefits from their group. Please note that the National Youth Front is designed to support the younger generation.


William Johnson
AFP Chairman

European people should organize and advance their own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity!

The American Freedom Party needs your help! Send $10, $20, $50, $100, or any contribution you can via PayPal “Send Money” to or click here:

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a National Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

Support American Freedom Party growth and our heritage of Western civilization! The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European-American communities and all Americans.

Nationalism! Not Globalism! — America First! Not America Last!
Freedom from Republicans. Freedom from Democrats. American Freedom Party!

European-Americans should push back! European-Americans should abandon the Republicans and Democrats. Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

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