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New Patriotic Greek Party Wants Higher Birth Rates to Protect Europe From Islamic Colonisation

…the new conservative parties likely to take seats in next year’s EU elections and in their own countries’ internal elections, this column focuses on my friend and great patriot, Failos Kranidiotis of Nea Dexia (the New Right).

I first met Failos and his colleagues when they applied to join the ENF’s pan European party, the Movement for Nations and Liberty (MENL).

I travelled to Athens for the first time, a wonderful city with so much history and a place where Europeans owe so much to the founding of democracy.

In the shadow of the Acropolis I met these wonderful people, trying to wrestle their great country from the grip of socialism, the Troika and an old and tired conservative party and from the failed policies of the EU to Make Greece Great Again.”

Make Greece Great Again

Hundreds packed an hotel room to hear my colleague from the Dutch PVV and I speak. It isn’t often I am overwhelmed but I was by these passionate men and women.

I heard their very personal stories of how the Troika had destroyed Greece’s economy and their social fabric. The proud women weeped, some dressed in black, mostly young women and I knew that we would absolutely accept Nea Dexia into our MENL family.

Failos and I keep in close contact and I sincerely hope with all my heart that he and his colleagues are elected MEPs.

    1. Why did you create a new conservative political party?

Our subtitle in our declaration is NATION AND FREEDOM. That says it all. ?n the Greek political spectrum, until May 13th 2016, there was not a serious and democratic party with strong patriotism, against the corrupted eurocracy, the bankers and Islamic colonisation of our country and Europe, without incline to totalitarianism, black or red.

There was not a political party defending our so ancient and strong national identity, family values and Christianity, a strong part of our very existence and one of the real cornerstones of Europe. So, 226 citizens answered my first “call to arms” and we created NEA DEXIA.

2. Tell me about you and your most prominent members and their backgrounds?

I was born in 1965. I come from a working class family from Korydallos, a suburb of Peiraeus. I studied law in Aristoteles Univercity of Thessaloniki and practise law, mostly criminal cases, a lot of them high profile, since 1992.

I served as an Officer in the Paratroopers for 23 months doing my military service, now being Lieutenant in reserve and I am father of two daughters, 25 and 22 years old.

I write twice a week in Dimokratia, the second in national circulation rightwing newspaper, I am very active in social media and I appear almost every week in TV and radio programmes. I was deeply involved in national and social issues since I was 17 years old.

Our Vice President, Mr Alkiviades – Konstantinos Kefalas, born in 1955, is Director of Research in the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Chemistry of the National Research Centre, coming from a family with significant patriotic contribution to the resistance against the Axis invasion and occupation of Greece in WWII.

He studied in Greece and England, specializing in lasers. He has participated in 17 European research programs and various ESA, NATO and National programmes.

He has planned and executed experiments in the International Space Station and is a member of the International Society of Optical Engineering, Optical Society of America and American Institute of Physics. Today he is a visitor teacher of Physics in the University of Kazan.

Our General Secretary, Mr Christos Christidis, born in 1955, comes from a distinguished family from Northern Greece, is retired Colonel of the Greek Army, that has served for 22 years in Armour Units, the Special Forces and as a pilot to the Army Air Force.

He was also an excellent athlete and after his retirement a businessman in the field of energy, with strong interest in politics.

3. What has been the reaction from your opponents?

We drew a lot of attention, because our word is sharp and direct. We say what the people think, without using “political correctness”, this totalitarian instrument against citizens.

So soon the ruling classes and our opposition started defamation and the usual derogatory lies against everybody that questions illegal emigration, resists to the submission to the corrupted bureaucrats in Brussels and the agenda of cultural Marxism in society and education.

But we do not care, we define what we are and not them. Our opponents are racist against Greeks, against the vast majority. They are extremists, because there is nothing more extremist than trying to enforce abnormal, unconstitutional and illegal policies that jeopardise national security, promote illegal emigration and Islamic colonisation of Europe and have as a goal to destroy National State and Nation itself.

The winds of History are on our side and their unconditional faith to this corrupted and anti-European empire of bureaucrats in Brussels will be defeated.

4. Voters mainly judge a party by policies on tax, family, EU and employment – tell me about your policies.

We demand a new alliance of independent National States, protecting the real wealth of Europe, its Nations, our different, rich and historical cultures.

We want a Europe based on its three hills: Acropolis, Capitolium and Golgotha. Hellenism, Rome and Christianity. An alliance of sovereign states against foreign enemies, terrorism and illegal emigration, with low taxes, rebirth of national production and motives to families to make more children.

European mothers should be the centre of social policies. Motherhood and children should be sacred. Because we must defeat death, we must have much higher birth rates. No Europe can exist without Europeans.

In my country, the healthcare system covers all the expenses for abortion but do not pay a single Euro for artificial fertility for women with problems to have children.

That’s insane. Also, for decades we commit economical suicide destroying our agricultural and industrial production. Globalism and German policy destroys our economies.

5. Given the economic turmoil with enforced austerity by the troika and the socialists as their puppets, is Greece ready for a new radical right movement?

Greek society is a fertile land for our patriotic ideas. Greeks have one of the most strongest national feelings in the world.

The establishment in Brussels and Athens, this corrupted elite, underestimated the anger of Greeks after the repeated humiliations by the memorandum of German policies and the funded illegal immigration.

The society feels attacked from the outside and the inside. So time for a patriotic retake of our freedom and independence has come.

6. What is your policy on Greek debt and how would you deal with this, given that there is no prospect of Greece ever paying off the debt?

With the current policy Greece will not recover not in 300 years. It is mad, a destructive experiment on our Nation. We need a policy of development and rebirth of national production. For that, in order to change the policies of strangulation with this German rope, we need allies.

We cannot do it just by ourselves. And our natural allies are Marine Le Pen, Salvini, Strache, Italy, Britain, Austria, Poland, Hungary and all our friends in MENL. And, of course, it is very positive that Donald Trump is in the White House, a President that does not hesitate to call himself nationalist.

7. Polling companies are now including Nea Dexia, how is it going and are you getting a fair hearing in the media?

Well, our ideas and proposals are anti-systemic, they have edges and cause attention. They try to hide us in some mainstream Media but we are all over Social Media and other TV and radio channels.

My articles receive a lot of publicity. We are not in 1980; the internet killed their rule. People hear what others say and fall asleep. We tell the truth and express national feelings of the common man and defend national interests using two basic tools: patriotism and common sense.

Leftists and liberals compete who will bring Merkel’s stick back faster. They are good political dogs for Eurocracy. But their policies in economy, illegal emigration and all this crazy agenda of political Marxism lacks common sense. Sixty-two genders? Give me a break.

Sexual tastes in the bedroom do not consist of a different gender. What belongs to the bedroom, belongs in the bedroom. We do not have the obligation to create institutions and special laws for these things. And they spend money on these nonsenses, it’s a whole profitable industry of cultural Marxism.

8. What is your particular message to the people and how much support do you realistically have, given the nature of small polling samples?

We must take our country back and defend it against illegal immigration, totalitarianism of the EU, our crippled empire and cultural Marxism.

We deepen our ties with our brothers and sisters in Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom and we already made an alliance to participate in the European and National Elections with Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) of Kyriakos Velopoulos.

We name it ‘Greek Solution for the Motherland’. I strongly believe that together we can get more than 5%, just a beginning. Then, having MEPs and MPs and funding, nothing can stop us, because the needs of the Nation and history is on our side.

9. Where is your main support coming from – conservatives/other and where geographically?

They are patriots from all the political spectrum, from all over Greece and Diaspora. Do not forget there are millions of Greeks in North America, Western and Central Europe and Oceania, with strong national feelings.

10. Who do you see as your allies in Europe? You have joined the ENF’s sister movement, the MENL, why, what is it about these people and their politics that attracted you?

When I wrote NATION AND FREEDOM as the first words of our declaration, I did not even think with whom we would work together in Europe. Those words led us naturally to MENL. They advocate the same ideas with us, they make the same analysis.

Even if some differences exist, because we all are ardent patriots, we agree on the basic things, to support the National State against the meta-Sovietic dictatorship of Brussels, against illegal emigration and terrorism, to support family values and birth of children, so that our nations will not fade away like Hettites and rebirth national production against globalism and the crazy rules of EU.

At this moment it is very important for all of us that our Italian friends gained victory against the incompetent Eurocrats of Brussels. We must support Matteo Salvini and the Italian Nation with all our resources.

11. How do you think you will do in the upcoming EU elections?

I strongly believe that after the upcoming EU elections ENF and MENL will have in European Parliament some new and hard working MEPs from Greece for our common cause.

12. The current EU has failed its citizens and they are terrified of a new EU led by the Salvini, Orbans, PiS and Marine Le Pen, what do you think the EU Parliament will look like post May 19 elections?

Post May 19 elections the map of the EU Parliament will never be the same. Our forces will be so strong that the decadent rule of EPP and the Socialists will start ending for good. I believe that patriotic political forces will also take European countries’ governments one by one. We are the future.

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