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Nationalists Rally Nationwide To Oppose Immigration Amnesty

By Mark Wachtler | In a coordinated, nationwide effort, members of the American Freedom Party held rallies in cities across the country to protest the recent political push for amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants currently in the US. The largest rally of the day turned out to be on the steps of California’s State Capital. There, they joined with a separate rally supporting gun owners and 2nd Amendment rights for one empowering afternoon.

The coordinated project was titled the, ‘Free America Rally’ (FAR) and included simultaneous anti-illegal immigration demonstrations in nearly a dozen states across the country. Described as an information campaign, the various state chapters of the American Freedom Party marched, waved signs, erected literature tables, performed media interviews, distributed countless informational handouts and spoke to thousands of concerned and supportive citizens.

FAR Nationalists Rally“By employing the admittedly low-tech, but time-tested, method of sidewalk demonstration to reach the thousands of passersby who must have seen our signs and banners from the road or who were given a pamphlet or two when approaching one of our booths,” the group’s recap explained, “FAR project organizers were able to put together what has become a rare sight in recent decades – namely, hundreds of white Americans all over the country showing other white Americans it is okay to explicitly advocate on behalf of white political interests and that, in fact, others are doing it!”

Allies and enemies

According to Free America Rally organizers and American Freedom Party leaders, the largest and most exciting of the dozen or so simultaneous rallies was the one held in California. Just outside the Capital building in Sacramento, nearly two dozen Free America Rally participants joined together to let their voices be heard by the hundreds of spectators that showed up to listen. They held signs, distributed literature and talked to passersby. The featured speaker, addressing the gathered crowd, was AFP Chairman William Johnson.

As Johnson finished his remarks to the gathered audience, he was followed by a handful of additional speakers. Admittedly, they were forced to speak over the chants of the hostile, left-wing counter protesters that had assembled in an attempt to silence the Nationalists they so violently disagree with. Event organizers took their message directly to their leftist adversaries explaining, “Speakers addressed the anti-White ideology that prevails in much of the established political climate, educational institutions, academia, and pop-culture climate.”

As it so often happens, another separate and unrelated rally was also happening on the Sacramento Capital steps that Saturday. Gun owners had gathered to publicly show their support for the 2nd Amendment and to protest the government’s latest attempt to limit the rights of firearms owners. Seeing as both groups had the exact same demographic – white, gun-owning Americans – the two rallies slowly and unofficially began to overlap and intermingle. As it was, each group had organized their respective demonstrations to protest basically the same thing – the government’s repeated violations of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The Free America Rally organizers described the interaction of the demonstrating gun owners and the protesting white Nationalists. “Natural allies in the fight to ensure that future generations of Americans have opportunities similar to or better than those we experience today,” the AFP announcement read, “numerous pro-2nd Amendment rally attendees came over to see what FAR’s California demo was all about, expressing their sympathy with our position and enquiring how they might participate in future area events.”

Demonstrations across the country

Sacramento wasn’t the only city that found itself host to a local Free America Rally on February 23rd. Organizers coordinated marches and protests in nearly a dozen cities across the country. One of the more successful was held on the other side of the country in Charleston, West Virginia. Organized by AFP state chair Harry Bertram, who also was a candidate for Governor in 2011, the gathering brought together a number of local activists who were reportedly met by supportive and encouraging crowds.

Other states participating in the nationwide Free America Rally included Washington, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania and two separate public events in Tennessee. Due to last-minute winter storms, scheduled demonstrations in New York and New Jersey were forced to be rescheduled.

Without necessarily saying it in so many words, organizers of the Free America Rally and the American Freedom Party explained their strategy regarding the multi-city demonstrations and future efforts to come. “Everyone who attended rallies on the 23rd genuinely cares about our nation and is determined to make sure our people prosper into the extended future,” the announcement closed, “and we will continue moving forward with our activism despite the odds and alone if need be. But it will greatly help our chances, motivation, and cool-factor if others begin to support and help what we are trying to accomplish.”

In other words, there are a great many angry and frustrated Americans out there. According to their television sets, they’re alone and represent a minority view. But organizers believe the outrage over the abuses by the federal government is far more widespread and common than the Wall Street owned media networks portray. And if just a small handful of Americans would come forward, the rest would see they are not alone and will join them. That appears to be the strategy. How successful it will be remains to be seen.

Mark Wachtler, Independent Examiner, is the owner-Editor of Whiteout Press, a former elected official and veteran of independent & third party politics. His creative writing style and lifetime of street-level campaign experiences gives you a glimpse of American politics like you’ve never seen it before.

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for organizing! Everybody should participate in such protests.

  2. Nice article. I am really thankful to you for such a informative site. It really proves helpful for all of us.

  3. Adam says:

    By employing the admittedly low-tech, but time-tested, method of sidewalk demonstration to reach the thousands of passersby who must have seen our signs and banners from the road we can awaken thousands more!

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