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Nationalist Times Upsets West Virginia Residents

Some residents in the Suncrest neighborhood are upset about the contents of a publication found in their driveways on Monday, Feb. 8.

The Nationalist Times, a monthly publication of the American Nationalist Union, was apparently distributed randomly through the neighborhood.

An employee of was among those to receive a copy of the publication, which touts itself as “Voice of the Real America.”

An email distributed on the neighborhood-specific social media application Nextdoor asked residents to consider coordinating a response to the distribution of the paper within their neighborhood.

The politically-focused publication, based in Allison Park, Pa., references “Jews bringing about the demise of whites and themselves,” among other topics in the 20-page, January 2016 edition provided to

Don Wassall, founder and editor of The Nationalist Times, said the paper was likely distributed by a local reader or subscriber.

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Nationalist Times story Morgantown

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