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National Policy Institute 2015

Over 150 men and women from around the nation gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Halloween to attend an epic conference organized by The National Policy Institute. NPI, an independent think-tank and publishing firm dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world, is led by Richard Spencer, who serves as both the President and Director of the organization.

National Policy Institute 2015The well attended conference, entitled Become Who We Are, featured an electrifying lineup of some of the most prominent White advocates and scholars ever assembled. Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Keith Preston, Sam Dickson, Jack Donovan and Robert Taylor all addressed the attendees, as did Richard Spencer, the primary organizer of the event. European intellectuals Roman Bernard and Guillaume Faye, a prominent French dissident and leading figure of the French New Right, addressed the audience as well, with Faye providing a powerful and energetic keynote address entitled “Why We Will Win.”

The primary focus of the conference centered around White identity, White political interests and, ultimately, the future of the White race in America and around the world.

“There’s something radical about actually being public and talking about these views seriously,” Spencer told reporters during a press conference following lunch. “There’s a tendency in our movement to embrace the fringe – we want to be alienated from society, we want not to be taken seriously. We’re trying to make this a sensible position that all White people need to think about.”
By all measures, the conference was a huge success. Aside from the tremendous lineup of speakers, attendees had the opportunity to meet and network with other White advocates from around the country.

“The NPI conference was the best White activist event I have ever attended,” Sam Dickson, an Atlanta-based attorney and Southern activist and historian, explained to AFP following the event. “It is a significant step forward for both NPI itself and the cause of White self determination in general.” Dickson’s powerful speech focused on the systematic assault on Southern identity and culture, epitomized by the banning of the Confederate flag in various states across the South in the wake of the alleged shooting in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this summer.

“I think we might remember 2015 as a breakthrough year,” Spencer told AFP. “This was our most well attended conference by far. More interesting still, so many people who attended told me that they had only discovered our ideas in the past couple of years.”
According to Spencer, 175 people attended the conference. A large portion of the attendees were under the age of 30, which Dickson found particularly exciting. “Such fine young men and women: smart, well educated, physically strong, well dressed, well spoken and, above all, gutsy,” Dickson noted.

One of Spencer’s main goals in organizing the conference was to encourage young people to get involved. Those under the age of 30 qualified for a discounted “Millennial” ticket, and many took advantage of the discounted price.

“One of the most encouraging things about them is that while they were uniformly fine fellows, they came from a diverse political background,” Dickson explained. “There were former Republican staffers, former Obama workers and staffers, former liberals and former conservatives. These are young people who at a very young age have already realized that a successful movement can never be ‘left’ or ‘right’ but must be racial. They have seen through the phony and contrived belief clusters of ‘left’ and ‘right’ and have recognized that these divisions are not only meaningless but are tools by which those who hate our race and civilization divide and manipulate us.”
Dickson is very encouraged with the future of the White identity movement, and believes more and more young people will also see through the false left-right, Democrat-Republican political paradigm shaping American politics. “There will be more and more people coming to this cause from a liberal or even leftist political perspective,” Dickson predicted.

Another interesting aspect of the conference was a live podcast and panel discussion which took place late in the afternoon just before dinner. Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch of, a website that features a number of pro-White radio programs and political commentary, and Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, the husband-wife duo behind the popular website and radio program Red Ice Creations, sat on the panel while members of the audience asked questions. The interactive, dynamic discussion that took place was an innovative way to encourage audience participation.

“The movement surrounding White identity is in the process of coming out of the shadows — becoming more professional and serious,” Spencer optimistically stated. “We will be speaking our minds in the capitals of power and opinion-making.”

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