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My Favorite Neuroses

(To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”)

by Earl Holt III

White people passing themselves off as negros;
Worshiping lily-white “Injuns” as “heroes”;
Teens joining ISIS who go on the lam;
Each one of these, a white race-traitor’s scam.

Senator Warren alleges she’s “Native”;
Another race-traitor, just being creative;
Ward Churchill was no more an “Injun” than I;
One thing neurotics can do well is lie.

The N-Double-A-C-P can’t be too bright!
Its members in Spokane were led by a white;
Creating a most embarrassing plight;
Proving “The Bell Curve” has always been right.

“Trans-abled” people who lop off their limbs;
Feminist covens and lesbian whims;
Illegals, atheists, commies and queers;
A septic mix of the Framers’ worst fears.

Ignorant, dizzy and liberal women;
Think that their “wisdom” is some kind of given;
But there’s one thing that unites the above;
“Shrinks” are all waiting at

Sound of Music Favorite Neuroses

Bob Whitaker 2016

“Diverse” means formerly White… –Bob Whitaker

Bob Whitaker: A true American and former Reagan Administration appointee.

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