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More Idiocy From Heidi Beirich

Kevin MacDonald | Our friend Heidi Beirich of the SPLC has another outrageous gem about me (“Long Adored by Anti-Semites, California Prof Now Glorifies Violence”). A couple of factual issues: I am not a “co-host” of Duke’s program and have never used the phrase “Zionist gun-grabbers” although I have noted that even Jewish publications have pointed to the central role of Jewish activists in the gun control movement.

Worse, she sent an email to university colleagues stating I was a Holocaust denier. As everyone knows, I have I never endorsed Holocaust denial or permitted Holocaust denial ideas to be published in outlets that I control. She is perfectly well aware of this (perhaps accounting for avoiding that charge in her article). As usual, it’s guilt by association. In the email she also called me a “White supremacist” — leftspeak for Whites who think that Whites, like all other human groups, have interests.

My blurb for Kyle Bristow’s book was confined to the main point of the book which is a fictionalized account of the Solutrean hypothesis (which has its scientific defenders) and the suppression of this idea by the forces of political correctness. Being a busy person, I did not read the passage she complains about and certainly don’t endorse violence against Mark Potok.

And if you look at Michael Colhaze’s article “When Heidi Went to Heaven,” her death is simply a setup for the satire, nothing more. There was no plot in which she was assassinated because of her activities. Her death was the result of a defective bomb built by a “greasy wannabe terrorist … who asked the $PLC to lay out one hundred grand for a so far undisclosed false flag ploy, but knew as much about building bombs as pigs about flying.” In order for the satire to work, she had to die somehow; the accidental detonation of a bomb certainly didn’t raise any red flags with me.

However, we at TOO certainly don’t want to tread on the sensibilities of sensitive souls like Beirich. I am advised that Colhaze may bow to this pressure and revise the article to have her die of a surfeit of donuts.

Tolerance TalibanIt seems that the SPLC is going into overdrive these days attempting to produce negative consequences for people who have ideas they don’t like. Most egregiously, they do their best to make people lose their jobs, and have many successes in that area. Stop and think about what it would mean to have your life turned upside down simply for expressing ideas, no matter how factual and well-grounded. The SPLC continues these campaigns while America simply watches it happening.

Horrifying. And they continue to rake in millions for doing so. They are not labeled the $PLC for nothing.

The SPLC has been trying to get me fired since 2006, including an attempt by Mark Potok last year. In her recent article, Beirich makes it clear that that’s exactly what she wants for me:

“It’s a little hard to believe that this man regularly stands in front of a classroom filled with students of a wide variety of faiths, races and social backgrounds and instructs them on evolutionary psychology, the psychology of child and adolescent development, and social and personality development. Perhaps he should be the one taking the class on personality development. Clearly, in that department, Kevin MacDonald has some serious work to do.”

Tell you what, Heidi. I’ll work on my personality if you work on your eating disorder. Actually, if loving your own people and defending its culture is a sign of a personality disorder, Beirich and Potok are seriously disturbed.

In any case, it’s pretty obvious that your personality needs some work. As a personality psychologist, it seems to me that not being able to see the harmless humor in Colhaze’s piece is the sign of a very serious personality disorder. A diagnosis of paranoia comes to mind.

And don’t worry. I am not out to proselytize vulnerable college student minds—unlike pretty much the entire rest of the faculty in the humanities and social sciences. I guess if you were principled, you would worry about that too.

Nor are you worried about the fact that faculty are a sure bet to discriminate against conservatives when recruiting faculty or making decisions on tenure and promotion. When do I get a chance to do that?

In the 1950s, the left was at the forefront of free speech for professors and others. But that was when they were under pressure from McCarthy and the general anti-communist climate of the era. Now that they are in power, the left—and certainly the organized Jewish community—strongly favors controls on speech. The SPLC, which depends on Jewish donors, is certainly no exception. The First Amendment is nothing but a hurdle to be overcome, as indeed it will be if the Democrats manage to replace one of the conservative-leaning justices on the Supreme Court. The intellectual work is already in place.


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  2. American3P says:

    Obesity has been classified as a disease. Maybe Heidi is suffering mental side effects?

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