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John Kerry Replacement ‘Mo’ Cowan Dislikes ‘White’ Restaurants

Charles C. Johnson at The Daily Caller writes:

The black attorney appointed Friday to serve out the remainder of John Kerry’s U.S. Senate term once helped plan “takeovers” of Boston restaurants with his wife and other black professionals, to protest the “lack of color” in downtown hangouts.

“We get used to the fact that we’ll be the only black people in the restaurant,” William “Mo” Cowan, then head of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers’ Association, told The Guardian, a British newspaper, in 2003. “We want to come to something like this to see other people who look like us. Everybody has their own comfort zone.”

“White people in the U.S. have had the comfort zone all their lives,” he told the Guardian. “They don’t have to go looking for it. It’s always interesting to me to observe even the most positive, forward-thinking progressive member of the majority culture when they are surrounded by minorities.”

The Guardian’s Gary Younge described the scene as one that would not be tolerated if the races were switched.

“If friendly-takeovers are about integrating downtown Boston, they are also about asserting a black identity within it,” Younge wrote. “If white people organized groups on such racial lines they would be accused of racism.”

“Boston Ambush,” Gary Younge, The Guardian 2003

Cowan is the first black politician appointed to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts history. Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina was also appointed to his seat, serving out the remainder of retiring former Sen. Jim DeMint’s term. The two men will be the only black senators.

[more… The Daily Caller]

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  1. Seriously? says:

    I got out to eat in restaurants all the time. There are Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mexicans, etc… dining right beside me. He needs to take off his blinders.

  2. 728 says:

    You can't force acceptance, Senator. Get it through your thick, sloped skull.

  3. HJ11 says:

    Diversity is just a step toward White genocide. Resist it. Separate out. There is nothing to be gained by Whites being around Blacks or other races. Why spend even one second of your time trying to figure out the content of the character of someone of another race? There's no payoff and nothing to be gained, but there is the possibility of you being a crime victim. In life, you have to play the odds.

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