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Mexicans Rush Home For Voter ID Cards To Vote In Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election

01:09 1/13/2012, A3P Admin, american voice, establishment news, American Third Position
An EGP News article says

During the last few weeks, caravans of Mexican immigrants living legally in the United States have been traveling to Tijuana and other border cities to apply for a Mexican voter identification card (credencial de elector), in some cases escorted by organizations hoping to get them to vote in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election. (Source)

Should you be required to show picture ID before you’re allowed to vote?

On December 23, 2011 the Justice Department blocked South Carolina’s new voter ID law. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out against the law, saying that we should “resist the temptation to suppress certain votes in the hope of attaining electoral success.” DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was even blunter, saying that voter ID laws are “essentially designed to rig an election.”

Democrats argue that voter ID laws are designed to disenfranchise poor black voters, the voters least likely to have photo ID and most likely to vote for Democrats. They’ve been referred to as “a return to the Jim Crow era,” Wasserman Schultz calling them “a full scale attack on the right to vote.”

Meanwhile, for Mexico’s voters

A voter registration card is required to vote in Mexico, and by law, can only be issued on Mexican soil by the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), an autonomous, public organization that conducts federal elections. Without it, those living outside the country cannot cast an absentee ballot by mail.

The deadline to register to vote in Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election by mail is Sunday, Jan. 15. The deadline does not apply to Mexican nationals who want to return to the country to vote.

Mexican Voter ID

What is a “Mexican National”

During the 1920’s Germany and France motivated their citizens, living abroad, to create a political force internationally by becoming citizens of their adopted countries without losing “National” status as a German or Frenchman. Thus the concept of legally being a “Mexican National” and a U.S. citizen.

Jim Picht of the Washington Times writes

“The Democratic position is that everyone in America should be able to vote with zero impediment. Voting should be made easy to the point of being costless in money and time. The argument is taken further: Not only should everyone be able to vote, everyone should vote.”

Everybody! No voter ID necessary!

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