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Merlin Miller At Towson University and Matthew Hiembach Interviewed by Thom Hartmann

Matthew Heimbach | The members of the Towson White Student Union would once again like to thank our friends and comrades for their continued support. Last Tuesday we successfully brought American Third Position candidate for president Mr. Merlin Miller to our campus in the second part of our Right-Wing Speaker Series.

Mr. Miller spoke to students, faculty, and supporters about the future of America, the role of foreign influence in our media, and the steps we can take to stop the demographic suicide of the Occident. Mr. Miller’s experiences in the military and Hollywood helped expose to Mr. Miller the vast and various issues in our society. Supporters came from multiple states to hear Mr. Miller talk and to support the Towson White Student Union.

In the week since Mr. Miller spoke, the WSU has been featured on French television, in addition to continuing our frequent night safety patrols, and campaigning against the construction of the building of a mega-mosque near Baltimore. Channeling the spirit of Charles Martel, a dozen WSU activists took the streets in nearby Woodbine, Maryland to raise awareness about this mega-mosque and get signatures for a petition to keep Islam out of our community.

Our next project before the semester ends is to begin planning our next speaker and preparing for winter activism projects. While school may be on break, the White Student Union will never stop the struggle for white rights. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the many who support us morally and financially. The costs of hosting events and purchasing activism supplies are high, but through your continued support the WSU will continue to be a voice for our people.

As the Christmas season approaches, we must all give thanks and rejoice for our many blessings. I personally am thankful for all of my comrades in arms. Both those who are visible and those who are under the radar play a role in making the WSU possible and in securing a future for the folk. May God bless you and protect you all during the holiday season, and with the start of 2013 coming, may we be one year closer to victory. Deo Vindice.

Thank you Matthew for your perseverance!

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  1. URESAPresident says:

    Congratulations on the interview, Matthew. Good points, good points. Whenever going to an interview, know what the most likely questions they are to ask, and have the information memorised beforehand. It's the best way to cut apart their arguments.

    Unlike you, I'm not Irish, but judging by your name I can say you have German ancestry, as I myself do.

    I'm tired of this argument about the Confederate States being "slave states" too. The American Civil War wasn't about freeing blacks, it was about securing the economic power of the south. If it was about freeing blacks, it wouldn't have taken another 100 years before blacks had full rights.

  2. mountaineer says:

    Good to see True American Patriots, standing up for white americans rights, and for standing against Islam

  3. Joe G says:

    Towson student Matthew Heimbach is doing a great job of exposing non-White hostility toward Whites, and showing whites that they do have legitimate interests worth defending. Matthew even provided the A3P a great forum and opportunity to it's message out. Our Presidential candidate, Merlin Miller, spoke at Matthew Heimbach's WSU two weeks ago. Few outside the A3P know about this however, because the video was never released.

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