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Merlin Miller Speech At Freedompalooza 2012

The American Third Position Party (A3P) members and candidate Merlin Miller attended Freedompalooza in Pennsylvania during the weekend of July 6 to celebrate freedom and Independence Day. Speakers included former Representative Jim Traficant, James Condit, Cyndi Steele, and others. Merlin Miller spoke to the enthusiastic crowd on Sunday morning.

Here is the video clip. Special thanks to videographer Vinnie M. from New Jersey and his selfless work to record the event.

Photos (click to expand)

Merlin Miller Freedom Palooza

Merlin Miller, July 7, 2011

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    I am always impressed with Mr. Millers life story, his accomplishments and ability to articulate the issues.

    He has more ability and personal integrity than any other candidate for President.

    Join the A3P!

  2. American3P says:

    Re: Merlin Miller Speech at Freedompalooza 2012

    Aye, Merlin Miller is a sailor’s sailor and a legitimate American patriot. He truly represents everything I’ve fought and argued for some ninety-three years. In fact at this stage of my life I have little tolerance for those in society or government who have allowed themselves to become intimidated, brainwashed and enslaved by AIPAC, minority controlled media and self-serving (career-minded) politicians. Old age, declining health and the few days I have left on planet earth simply will not allow it!

    I sincerely hope and trust that you will understand. If so, consider joining with Merlin in opening your eyes and ears to the truth for a change.


    Henry White,
    US Navy (Retired)

  3. ZZZSPXXX says:

    This guy is wonderful. It shows that we're not free in any way, shape or form that he can't be a legitimate candidate and that the media will only allow two candidates.

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